Poem Of Defeat Kemy’s Treat

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I have never encountered someone’s aura who takes my breath completely away


Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



 Poem Of Defeat Kemy’s Treat

People have come into my life some will stay

I’ve never encountered someone’s aura who takes my breath completely away

Enticing words to the ears, thrilling, as I’ve always felt

Whispered images comforts awaken eyes after I’ve slept

Your wicked passion soothes my skin

Desires of the heart eagerly begins

In all its splendid fashion

Remnants of once stolen passion

Bodies blindly tumbling

Voices in union beautifully rumpling

Essence of glory sinking, and then plummeting

Weakened emotions embodying the core of my soul

A soft heart bathed in such enriching narratives to appease, cajole

Just when I turn my back and then glance around

As you stood near me in Heaven, reminisce hushed of its earthly sounds

The Archangel you are

Spirit of a lion far greater than the roar of Mars

The need of your creed to feed has rooted my feet to the ground

Divinity footsteps engraved upon a scared mound

Never have been so far

I cannot reach

You cannot teach

Love to hear you softly rant or preach

Souls have collided by Heavenly designs

Behind closed doors all mine

With you, no clocks of love to ever tell the time

You’ve always had my heart intentions, no deceiver

Have caressed, soothed, and smoothed an enchanted believer

Sadly, you didn’t pick up life’s receiver

Wings have been ordained for you

On judgment day, I couldn’t think of no other person God will give his blessing too

You are my forever more

The man who consoles me when life has shaken me to the core

Thank you for being who you are

I’m sure you know you are, my moon, sun, among the galaxy’s twinkling stars


Handsome one, I still get my tossed salad if I complete the New York Marathon, right?


Love and Hugs, only you get the kisses and soft rubs,



The final score between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots 08-16-18


Eagles 20

Patriots 37



I guess the Philadelphia Eagles will see the New England Patriots in the Playoffs, hopefully.

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