Curses & Blessings

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



I was cursed before I was born.

When my white mother wanted to marry a Black man,

Start a family with him,

My white grandmother asked her daughter,

“Why would you do that to your children?”


I was born brown

With a curse written across my skin,

As if Jesus and I were kin.

The world would never love us.


But the Bible says,

“If your enemies are hungry, 

Give them food to eat,

If they are thirsty,

Give them something to drink.”

But why do my enemies seem

To salivate at the sight of my enslavement.

Crave my blood on pavement.

Their stomachs growling for

Black bodies sprinkled with bullets

—Or deep-fried.

This hunger is hereditary

And what’s scary 

Is that this curse

Doesn’t quench their thirst. 


So every morning I wake up

Afraid that I might slip up,

Fall into the trap they’ve laid,

Predator catching prey

They won’t even say my name.

Just call me,

The entrée for the evening.

The supper special. 


But the Bible says,

“Love your enemies!

Pray for those who persecute you.”

And today, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Because I know,

Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs,

Both filled with darkness,

Forgot its God’s light they saw,

So I pray to be the Ananias

To their Saul.

Because the Bible says,

“Don’t let evil conquer you,

But conquer evil by doing good.”

So this little boy from the hood

Is going to do what he should.


I will no longer sit silently

Waiting to be marked on the menu

As tonight’s meal. 

I will bless them with this Black body,

Prove to them that God has buried beauty

Deep into these bones.

I will speak the truth

In hopes that hearing the Holy Spirit

Will heal their hunger.

I will illustrate love

In anticipation that God’s able

To appease their appetite.

I will show forgiveness,

In assurance that Jesus Christ

Satisfies all their thirst. 


And I will pray,

Every day,

I will pray

That they find the way. 

© Copyright 2018 The Negro Artist. All rights reserved.