A Mighty Mountain Moved

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A story set in the perspective of an ancient Najarala, a coiling, trouble making serpent in the world of Monster Hunter, awakened by four naive hunters.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Deep within the cliffs of Primal forest, where Altaroth failed to keep foot, and Slagtoth stuck to the flat, wet confines of the marsh. Where moss and vine draped heavily over ancient rock, and water trickled like a serpent between abrasions of earth.

Deep, where light was so faint barely a human could see. An inhabitor of such a climate could be none less than ominous, and any that dared slay it was no less than Holy. Even as the sun shone in graceful bright, not a ray touched the swirling caves of this mountain, Where there was a presence here.

I slumbered, cool stone pressed against my armored side, slow, ragged breaths filled the cavern with a drone. Armored back and tail scraped faintly against the stone as I lay limp, serpentine body curled in warmth.

Footsteps. Heavy, determined. My eyes snapped open, adjusting to the dark of my cave, a loot laden abode. Disturbed of sleep and angered, With a quiet hiss I slid into a nearby tunnel, out of sight.

Even darker, the footsteps grew louder, the shifting clank of armors and weapon. There were more than one. I grimaced. They won't survive.

Speech, low and organized as they surveyed the cave, collecting bits and pieces. I raised my tail quietly, coiling it lithely, and flicked with enormous force. Sharp, hollow scales flew into the cave, planting themselves on the floors and walls, sending the group of four into panic, searching for me with wide, adrenalized eyes.

Slithering out of the opening, I concealed myself in suspective darkness once more, shouts and orders being music to my ears as my fangs dripped with neurotoxins, waiting to plunge into soft human flesh. I retreated after the humans failed to notice the massive serpent barely ten feet before them. They were in a cave, after all. The grateful dark dimmed my bright scales, pulling the shadows over me in a cloak of malevolent shade.

Another semicircle opening, and I reered up, tail stiff and positioned at the ready, resting in front of my left hind leg. Inhaling slowly as the poor hunters milled around in anxious panic, I sent forth this breath, roaring as back and tail scales shook and created a monstrous racket that seemed to shake the mountain itself.

Pebbles and moisture from the above stalactites fell to the ground as a green flare of power and fear struck itself into the hearts of the hunters.

The scales burst after magnifying the noise, and I shot out into the cavern, massive body curving over stone. The hunters, recovered, lunged with their tools, sharp and enhanced.

I dove, feeling the hard mineral separate with ease as I twisted, burrowing deeper and curving up with grace. the thick, mountainous soil separated at the surface, bursting from the ground under one bodacious hunter, they stumbled and flew as I flung bits of mineral and soil from my scales. I hissed and snapped menacingly, deterring them from straying any closer, should they meet a paralytic fate.

I sensed the moral slowly draining from their bodies, seeping into the soil from which I lept, severing their constructed plans in two. My whole, serpentine body above ground now, they sought to attack. One hunter, clad in the armor of my tidal brethren, raised his dual blades with enraged bravery.

I sought to kill him.

In the midst of one human rearing their mighty hammer, laden with metallic detail, power and essence radiating in waves, I charged them both, beakish fangs dripping with toxin. I felt an onslaught of dull pain and element as the hammer made contact, and the blades dug into my armored flesh. Their monster armor would cease to rescue them soon.

Shoving with the weight of my body I twisted, my fanned tail swung around and collided with one, who slammed into the other in painful grunts. The other two hunters had snuck up behind and lept at me with intention to mount, one in Khezu drab, the other in Royal Ludroth livery.

So I opened my mouth, clamping down on one mortal foot. Spying the enveloping terror in one's eye, I bit down harder, the massive power within my jaws provoking a distinct snap from inside the humans' leg. To their cries, I flung them away harshly where they met the base of the wall, unmoving as the toxins exhanged from my bite underwent their merciless course.

I let loose a mighty roar, and once again did the mountain awaken, stones and moisture falling from the ceiling as they covered their ears in terror and pain, for I hoped they abandon this pointless mission. If they did so, they might remain alive. In anger over their fallen friend, who was fed some foreign substance that combated my fatal toxins, charged me, shrieking and brandishing their comical weapons.

A Hammer collided with my side, a greatsword tore at my tail. Another onset of pain and rage sent fire into my eyes, and malice into my body as I was pushed back, ans lunged in two horizontal arcs, slamming my body into one hunter with invigorated disgust, their Khezu armor doing nothing to stop such blunt force.

The other hunter managed to evade the attack, but I twisted my body, spine curling into a violent loop as my beaked maw stretched open to bite after such a foolish hunter, who cloaked themselves Kecha-Wacha gear, head to toe.

I clamped it shut, narrowly missing their torso, and with a hiss, I welcomed myself into the mountainous earth again, the ground rumbling as I tunneled, plates of clayish earth shifting as I concoted a muderous plan. Building my suspense at the last moment, I erupted from the ground again, catching the hunters off guard as they healed.

One human was struck again with my tail, flying out of the entrance to the cave, soaring through the air while they should have been already. I pivoted and opened my maw and snapped at another hunter, shredding their shoulder and injecting another deadly round of toxins. My movements were fast and agile, with the hunter being bitten only a matter of seconds before I removed myself from the earth.

They crimpled to the ground, yelling and gripping their mortal shoulder.

"Foolish humans, you should have never ventured here in the first place. What made you think you could win? your lives are puny and short." I thought in monstrous arrogance.

I whipped around, facing only two hunters now. I glared them down with golden eyes, the fear, the anger, the determination swelling in their chests and mine as well. They wanted to hunt, to kill, and to harvest. I wanted them to pay for their misdoings to monsters. I wanted them to die.

With a nonchalant flick of my tail, I sent forth a barrage of scales, echoing painful noise throughout the cavern. Immediately, I shook the mountain again with yet another roar, back and tail clammering, sending the hunters into a rightful fit of pain.

Heated steam huffed from my nostrils as I prepared a lithe strike, curling my body up close and shaking my tail as a warning, a last chance to escape before their demise is met.

Flinging my tail and body at them, they ran, but were too late. They flew towards me as my body had taken a curve, and I slithered maliciously around them, taking them into a contemptive constrict, crushing them slowly and painfully, feeling their armor give out, as my massive serpentine body surrounded them.

I stared with disgust, tightening my bodily grip further, watching as their gaze glassed over, chests growing short as the determined light began to fade from their eyes, gasping for air, hoping for mercy where they would recieve none.

It was finished.

The cavern grew quiet, the only sound was the massive serpent slinking over the cool floor of the cave, soft tendrils of steam lifting from its mouth, the hunters unmoving and crumpled on the ground in pitiful form. Blood spattered itself across the Najarala's body and beak, a cold sneer set into its features.

Exiting the cave, long bodied and lithe, long back scales returned to magestia, high and regal. It could reside there no longer, as humans would search and hunt for it, and it had claimed enough lives to warrant a quartet of now dead or injured hunters.

The fiersome snake wyvern descended the confines of the mountain, Herbivores shifted out of its way, fearing retaliation if they retreated even slightly. Fluid and serpentine in its movements, the sun shone towards the west. The hunters' day had ended in vain, like it should have.

It huffed again, and disappeared around a rocky corner.

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