Run, Run, Running

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She fails to see the truth that's been staring at her this whole time.

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018





She had the face of an angel,

Her spirit burned brighter than the eternal flames,

Yet her soul was shattered, broken into a million pieces, yearning to be put back together.

She runs,

She runs away,

Away from the demons that plague her sleep,

Away from the demons that plague her mind,

She runs away from them,

She runs into the sweet embrace of whiskey, cigarettes and drugs,

She refuses to face them, she runs.

Losing control of her life, life isn’t fair, she refuses to heal

She’s been running for years now,

She says she’s moving on from them

She lies, to the world, to herself.

She feels alone,

The hate in her heart takes control, spewing poison all around,

Poisoning her mind, her heart,

Her heart becomes heavier with each passing second,

She refuses to trust, to let love take over, the hate is too great.

She’s angry.

Angry at the world, angry at him, angry at herself

She lets the anger take over, she feels protected.

Running from her demons, she feels safe

So she runs.

Yet they catch up to her

She cries in her sleep, the nightmares of the past haunting her

Reminding her of the horrors of the world,

Reminding her of how he hurt her,

He said he’s sorry, he made amends, yet the demons of the past won’t let her trust his words,

So she runs again, away from him, hoping that the anger and hate can replace whatever it was she felt for him,

She runs into the embrace of another, leaving him broken, shattered.

Yet she doesn’t understand how she’s hurting herself,

Her demons won’t let her move

She can’t remember the million things he did right,

All she remembers is the one thing he did wrong,

She runs again

She smokes and drinks, for that is when her demons can’t catch her,

Oh how wrong she is,

She harms herself more and more, thinking she’s protecting herself,

She can’t see the truth right when it’s staring at her, straight into her eyes,

She runs

She refuses to see the truth

She lies to herself, she refuses to feel the pain,

She doesn’t want to accept it, so it hurts her even more, each passing second,

She runs again, from herself, from the truth.

He knew parts of her that she didn’t even know existed, yet she refused to let him in

She refused help for she thinks she doesn’t need it.

Oh how wrong she is,

She breaks into a million pieces every day, yet she doesn’t want to heal.

She’s afraid.

She’s afraid of the pain, of the loneliness, of death.

She lets that fear rule her,

She lets it break her every day,

She doesn’t let herself understand.

She hurts herself and the world, and she doesn’t even know it.

She breaks, all over again.

She’s stuck in the past; she thinks running is the only way.

Oh how wrong she is.

She makes escape her friend

She drinks and smokes every day for they let her escape

Yet they come back to haunt her,

And yet she refuses to learn

She refuses to heal,

Her fear drove her away from him

Her fear drove her away from herself.

She puts on a mask every day, shielding herself from the truth,

Breaking her every day, every moment.

She doesn’t let herself be honest,

With herself and the world,

So she runs, she escapes,

She hurts.

Her fear drove her to run, run away from the man who gave her everything,

From herself, her family, her friends,

Yeah she’s strong, perhaps the strongest in the world,

But she’s not a warrior.

She’s a survivor,

But not a warrior.

She’s lost, so she runs.

She runs all over again.
















© Copyright 2020 Amanlookingformeaning. All rights reserved.

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