Shy but not down

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shyness can be overcome if you know the way and try hard

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Shy  but  not Down
I  was  a  shy  kid  once. So  shy  that  I  can't  even  breathe  properly..believed  that?'s  true.
During  my  school-days,  my  shyness  was  the  butt  of  being  bullied  and  made  fun  of. All  kinds  of  pranks  were  thrown  at  me  which  resulted  in  me  being  hurt  so  bad, physically  and  of  course  mentally.
Even  with  girls,  was  some  torture moments  for  me. I  would  blushed  like  shit when  any  girl  tried  to  talk  to  me.  I felt  so  awkward  that  I  felt  my  stomache ached  and crammed. Sometimesweat  covered  my fore-head  andflowed  to  my  face. The  girls  giggled  and  that  made  me  more uncomfortable.
In  my  teenage  years, I  was  always  a  loner. Sat  alone  in  one  corner  and  my  thoughtstried  to  understand  why  I was  so shy and  why  must  it  be  me  and  not  the  other  person.
As  I  grew  up  into  adulthood, I was still  shy  but  nevertheless  could  at  least  conversed  with  people. Otherwise  people  would labelled me as  a  dead-man  walking. But  the  blushness  was  still there,especially  when I  talked to  a pretty  girl.
Once, I had  this  one  girl  who really  liked  me and  tried  her best  to gain  my  attention. I  ignored  her  completely because  I  didn't  have  the  ability asa  good-talker. She  still  approached  me and  asked  for a  date. I had  to accept as she was  stubbornly  persistent. Then we dated.
The  day  of  the date was  fixed  by  her. She bought tickets  for a  movie-show and so we watched the  movie.The movie was a  bad one and I felt  bored. Throughout  the show  I  was  quiet  like  a  mouse. Not a  single  word came from my  mouth.
After  the  show, she wanted to eat something. I  told her  I just  wanted  to go home.
"You...I tried my best  to  get  your  attention..but  you're  so  strange.. Hey..don't  be  a  zombie  forever..unless you want  yourself dead before  dying.." .She left  me  and I  felt  like  a  fool. She was right though.
As years passed  on, I began to think hard  about myself. I  didn't know  what's  the future  with me. I decided to get  rid of my  shyness.
I attended a  speech-course at  one  of  the  private-school. During the course, the tutor  said that when you're shy  it doesn't  mean you're down and out. Shyness  led  you to learn  about yourself. Shyness  is a  good  motivator for  you to  be a  successful person.  Shyness  challenged you  everyday. You  have to be  able to overcome shyness  and  not the other way  round.
I'm a  good talker  now. I attended many  functions and I was always the MC for many events. I talked easily without being  shy  because  I focused on my speech and  not the people in front of me. They were invisible and not me as  had happened years  ago.
So  for those who are still shy  out there,  don't  despair and feel  awkward. Do something about it. Don't let shyness  downed you. You are the who will  bring down that  shyness. You will get  the result and it is always a  positive one. Believe that.

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