From the Demon's POV

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



From the Demon’s POV


You speak as if ye but victim, pure pathetic and oh so sweet,

Yet sweetie, you forget your dear broken mother and you forgot

For so many moons you can’t even recall now, to come greet

The nicotine tanned walls, tarred just like your daddy’s lungs

I dwelled within, till day he died,

The yellowed tile in the kitchen where his blood spilled red

Which I lapped up long and lavishly, making sure not yet dead,

The dust caked blinds that were never cracked even millimeter

Which made my darkness all the stronger – his fear, all the sweeter

like yours I substitute now, by nightmares,

As you’ve abandoned the now five-foot tall weed choked acre,

I’ve had to move into your too-colorful little lakeside home

cause’ dear daughter, I’m a bit of a taker

and I can’t keep existing without your mother’s Misties and tears

Her violent cursing outbursts her tropical drinking way her fears,

Though I’m more used to a Western flavor, whisky versus rum

My addiction to mortal sorrows like yours to spearmint gum

You see? – we’re really not that different, child

So why don’t you let me stay a while? I’m a rogue spirit, you see

Exactly the same as those only two, who rule your every fantasy

-- nothing like a princess’ screams, truly satisfies me…

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