Corners of Walls

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Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



-Corners of Walls-


Do not trust the corners of walls. Don't look at them, don't approach them, don't even be in their general vicinity. You must take care to always avoid these dreadful things. It matters not what size they are, all are dangerous.

I have taken all measures to make my living quarters as cylindrical as I could to ensure the absence of those damned fiends. It would not be entirely inaccurate to say that my house is a complete sphere, with no corners to be found on the roof or floor. It took me great pains to create such a house, but it is readily doable for even the poorest of citizens, and I recommend you follow my example. My neighbors might think me mad, but so be it. I care more for my safety than the opinions of naive fools.

You can scarcely imagine the terror these things provide, I too was once a nonbeliever like you. But I saw the truth, I saw those...things. They contort their way from nothingness, emerging from the split that these walls provide. It's not so much as a portal as it is a door; I think they were always there, hiding within the spaces that are inaccessible to the normal person, they simply needed a medium of which they could use to traverse to the space we take up; those damned corners suiting their needs perfectly.

The sun had been down for a while when the occurrence had happened; When I saw them for the first time, those creatures with spindly ashen-toned limbs and spiral coned heads. I had merely wanted a night time snack when they invaded my home. They paid me no mind as they emerged from the corners, crawling and twitching on the walls like weightless humanoid spiders. Perhaps they had no physical senses that science can explain, for they didn't seem to react to sight or sound, or perhaps they were entirely apathetic to my presence. It mattered not to me, as in a fit of panic I could hardly wonder about such things and promptly ran to my rifle out of instinct. I'll never forget the horrible scene of the events that took place, for after I shot one, the rest began to unfurl their heads, like grotesque flowers blooming, and rushed over to their fallen brethren. They engaged in a demented flurry of cannibalism, showing not the slightest remorse or empathy for one of their own as they filled what could scarcely be called their mouths with bloodied chunks of meat

I ran out of the building, not being able to stand the sight of the carnage nor the putrid stench that followed it. When I had returned with the police, there was no sign of those monsters anywhere, not even remains from the morbid banquet they had partaken in. I knew where they had gone though, they left the same way they can in, through the corners, those horrid corners. I hope you can find it in your heart to believe me, because they may only be watching now, but eventually one night they might come through the corners of your home too.


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