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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018




Dear Timmy,

Remember when you told me the world was a canvas, And our smiles paint a beautiful image on it? That living was for the eager, And humanity a cloud of fireflies.

Well, I don't see that now.

All I see is a rumpled world of deception blazed in catastrophe, A clone of pain and distress, A world dazed in the agony of a thousand sorrows.

I'm a victim of silence and woe, Washed in the storm of tribulation, And birthed in the will of turmoil. My bones ache me still to bear the weight of fate.

I've walked the pathless road, Where innocence is judged with cruelty, And the beast of my past is left to rule. I've died the many death of my wrongs, Yet remain undead to it's plight. My soul is immortal to regrets!

I've fallen a thousand feet of defeat, Too weak to get up. Hopelessness has come seeking me on my bed of dreams, A jar of destiny filled with NOTHING.

I'm tired my friend. Too tired to fight these endless war of emptiness.

So, When the master comes, Tell him I couldn't walk the long road, Tell him I've taken a shorter-cut to the end. I've journeyed the west road far from myself.

To my family and friends, Tell them I've sailed the ocean of eternity__in search of peaceful solitude. Tell them I've left a memory to love and to behold, Tell them I've found peace somewhere above the clouds.

When the preacher comes, Tell him I've sealed my faith in black, And I need no confession said for my cold primrose. Tell him I've wore the ornaments of my deeds, And somewhere after life__I've gone to seek a place.

And to you my friend, I've left you a better part of my love. I've taken the quick end to a rare beginning. Do not cry my friend, I've only ended my pain in the solace of a knife to my open veins.

When you find this note, Know that I'll be somewhere on the bathroom floor, Drawn in the pool of my own blood, Cuddled peacefully in the stillness of my breath.

Do not try to wake me, my friend.

I'll be deaf to the world too.

©John Praise Ochoche


© Copyright 2018 john praise. All rights reserved.

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