Strawberry Cake

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What happens when you come and dinner is served - but it's not what you expected?

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



You arrive home from college vacation

You’re tired, wiped out

From what life has thrown you

Apparently your version of adulting

Wasn’t quite adulting at all

You have a lot to learn

You’re up for the challenge


You step through the door

Embracing all the love given to you

You especially enjoy your dog

Jumping up to get a piece of your face

You’re even more excited to see

What food has been prepared

For your anticipated arrival

Of course

Your favorite.


You shimmy off your bags

Your coat and your shoes

Before racing to the sink

To wash your hands

You excitedly just shake them

Instead of grabbing a towel

And slide into your seat

Face beaming


You scarf down as much as you can

As if you’ve been starving at school

In some ways, that’s true

Given the fact that the cafeteria’s

Version of nutritious

Is day old meat

And lima beans



You wait patiently as they bring out dessert

You lick your lips and eyes grow wide

Strawberries are your absolute fucking favorite


But as they set the plate down

You realize something is off

The cake – home made

But you (their own private little baker) is not the creator

It was someone else.


You pause

Asking for an explanation

Who’s cake did you receive?

Why have you betrayed me?

Mom sits across from you

And smiles

Your heart shatters


Remember the neighborhood kid

Ya’ll used to play together

She made this for us

It’s quite delicious


I’m sure it is.

I take a bite.





But Mom’s not done.


I actually like her cake’s.

They’re better than yours.


I stop eating

I’ve lost my appetite

In any other situation

I would have fought

Tried to one up the neighborhood kid

Fight for my title.


I’m more disappointed in my parents

That they betrayed me over a cake

That I no longer hold their allegiance

I’m just the traveler who passes through now


Mom’s confused.

Stop being so dramatic.


But she doesn’t know

That my heart’s now bleeding

This is the end of the battle

I’ve lost

But it’s not the end of the war.

Time to go kill the neighborhood kid.

© Copyright 2018 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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