Feelings in somber

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This story is all about how a girl recovers herself from depression, sadness following a tragic incident. It describes how it feels to be lonely and impact of loneliness and fear in her life.

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



I had an amazing childhood. I bagged many medals, prizes in my school life. My parents are the best gift that God has gifted me. They never said no to my demand. My journey of sorrow started after my marriage. Love is the most beautiful feeling. I fell in love the moment I saw him. He was so handsome with that glittering eyes. Early days post marriage were awesome, but I was unaware about the evil dark nights that were planning to visit my doorsteps. One day he left me at the airport, no reasons! no explanations! I was repeatedly asking why ? I often wonder how can people left someone so easily. Don't they have emotions, feelings. I came back to my parents. For one month I was moaning, screaming in pain. Then, one day my father came up to me and said baby! believe in God may be there is someone better for you, may be there is better opportunity writing for you. Those words hit me I decided to go for counselling, and it worked I started laughing, living. I would never wish my sufferings, pain for any girl. When I see people with facing lot of hardships. People with chronic life threatening diseases. I think there are many bad experiencess that I have been spared. I know I still have long way to go. Through my personal experience I can tell that one cannot put his life on hold. Some injuries heel faster when you keep moving. We can't control our life. God is our creator, he must have some plan for us. We may wonder if our fortunes will improve. We just need to release ourselves from constraints. Miracles happen to those who have faith in himself and God. God knows how to unfold our life. Sometimes we think why our prayers have not being answered by God. You will find contentment when you will realize your talent, mission. You need to realize the purpose of your living. Introspection is important. I am still recovering, and I am glad that I am writing this.

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