Rock Bottom

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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



The darkness surrounds me

I'm falling fast

I hit rock bottom

At last

At last

I look around

There's nothing here

There's nothing left

But sorrow and fear

I start to walk

One step at a time

I walk uphill

And start the climb

As I climb

The terrain is rough

But I press on

And I stay tough

I have to succeed 

But if I slip

My family can help

I regain my grip

I reach the top

I'm finally there

I rise up

I grab a pear

I start to eat

I don't feel bad

I feel greatful 

Instead of sad

I see a mirror

Is that me?

Who's this person

With radiance and beauty?

But it is me

I see that now

My jaw drops

and I whisper "wow"

I have faults 

But beauty too

And I want to share 

This truth with you

I'm not perfect

Nor are you

No one's perfect

That much is true

But there's beauty in all

Whether seen or unseen

But life is cruel

And people are mean

When you hit rock bottom

There is one direction

You can strive for it

But wont reach perfection

Life is short

For all of us

So live your life

And just have trust

And if you do

Life will be grand

Whether rich or poor

It's in your hand

You have your life

It is yours

You make the choice

To open doors

If none are open

Open one

If it is locked 

You're not done

Break a window

And jump throught it

It's your life

Now go do it

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