Fading Light

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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



Your beauty has no equal

Your heart is big and bright

It was hard for you to see it though

And so you lost the fight

Your mind had endless suffering

You could not understand

You smiled so brightly through the pain

But would not hold my hand

You lost the war you fought so long

You suffered when you died

Just because you took those pills

They called it suicide

But just because you killed yourself

Doesn't mean it was your fault

'Cause you had enough going on already

Without the terror that they wraught

They called you stupid, they called you ugly

They tourtured you day and night

Because they're wrong, because they're cold

That's why you lost the fight

They did not care, but I do though

I love you through and through

But I've never felt such suffering

As I saw in you

I tried to help, I tried to make

You smile everyday

I love you so but could not help

For that I have to pay

I tried to help I really did

You told me you were fine

I tried to believe but could not fathom

What was on your mind

I miss you dear, I hope you knnow

That I really do

But something I don't know for sure

Is what I meant to you

Every night I go to bed

My heart begins to bleed

But I cannot help you now, my dear

I'll see you in my dreams

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