One Last Dream

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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



She was waking up slowly, leaving behind a dream that lasted an entire lifetime. It was a short life, interrupted in a violent way. When she moved her body on the rigid ground, she would still feel the warmth of her bed after a long day exploring the forest outside her parents summer house. The silence around her pressed her head, but she would still listen to the sweet sound of her mom, telling her goodnight with a numbing kiss on a tired body. And when she opened her eyes, in the darkness around her she would still see the depthness of that lake and the sun losing its light as she was sinking in despair.

In the darkness she was feeling cold and as she was regaining conscience, every detail of her dream was being erased. And that short, however cozy life, was being consumed by the emptiness around her. The coldness she felt was not physical, but due to the absence of life. It was a cold infiltrating deep into her heart, through an anguish that her mind could not explain; an anguish for losing what she loved the most, but now seemed so unreal.

While still laying down, she cried for centuries, consumed by the coldness in her spirit and by a grief she could not comprehend. When her crying ceased, she fell asleep again and for other centuries she stood like this. But every time she would wake up and I cry again, even if her grief seemed unending, Eternity was casting out that intruder from her heart, slowly and gently, but relentlessly. But a part of her was also erased. Her memories from past times were still there but were now empty, with no emotions to fill them, only a fragile shell of consciousness.

And then she rose, with only an immediate idea of who she was. Around her the darkness was still the same, suffocating and oppressive. But there was something different now. There was a small point of light at light-years of distance, red as a dying star. It was a light that brought her hope, but discomfort, for now change was a strange concept for her, after stuck for centuries on a cycle of restoration.

Taken by a naive curiosity, she began walking towards the light. And for each step she would take the light would grow bigger, following a scale that defied logic. She did not know why she walking towards the light. She did not question its nature nor its purpose, but still she would walk. As she was approaching the location, she noticed the light was coming from a fire pit meticulously assembled. He was standing near the fire pit, with a dark blue robe covering his whole body, giving him the appearance of a specter. His face was covered by an old plague doctor mask, silver, with a long beak descending to his chest, in which the glimmering flames were dancing. In his right hand he was holding his staff, removed raw form a crooked branch of an old tree and with a blue flame on the top.

Besides the fire pit was a large wood trunk, displaced amid the emptiness. And there she saw a Purpose, but it was still not conscious for her. Inside her she knew why she was there and what it was expected for her to do. He looked down on her and with a gesture he asked her to sit on the wood trunk. When she seated on it, He said:

"You may begin your story, my child"

When she started speaking, the flames grew brighter. The sparks would dance at the sound of her voice, filling her story with images that only He could understand.

"I was born from stardust and from the iron that cuts through worlds. From the light that enlightens the universe and from the darkness that puts it to sleep. From carbon my body was created, and they gave me the name of Lucy. When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother and through my crying I saw her own tears and the smile on her face. She was the person I loved most."

"Do you want me to bring her, child?" - He asked her.


And then she continued.

"I was raised in a good family, surrounded by love and affection. My dad healed the sicknesses of the body, and my mom, from the spirit. And as soon as I spoke my first word, she saw the shadow that stood above me. She tried to protect me as she could. Even knowning my destiny, she loved me as if we would live forever."

On this pause, the flames spread purple, dancing violently on the ground.

"The red thread that bound our lives bursted soon after I was twelve years old. In a lake near our summer house I lost control, desperately trying to reach the border. I lost my strength and started falling into the darkness. At that very moment a part of my mother also fell with me."

"Would you like her to be here, my child?" - He asked again.

"Yes, I would, but this is not her place. She lived for many years after I died. Purged the blackness out of my father's soul, but forgot about her own. Besides that, her death was brought by a drunk man. My dad was alone, carrying alone the weight of my own death and of my mother, and alone he remained until the end of his life. This man was the person I hated most."

"Do you want him to go with you, child?"

"No" - After some time, she said: "May he be restored in his sleep and may he find redemption in his dreams."

He walks towards her and sits by her side. The fire pit returned to its natural state. After a long silence, He asked her without turning his face:

"What do your fear? The eternal night? Or the dawn on a new house, surrounded by strangers? The eternal pain destined to the sinners? Or the boredom and idleness of the blessed ones?"

"I do not feel fear nor desire nor curiosity. A grain of dust does not take part on the choice, but follows passively what the Laws demands."

At this moment He looked at her and she noticed that there were black stains on his mask, starting from the eyes following to the base of the mask. He shared the grief of many. And he overcame each one with them. Still looking fixedly at Lucy, he said:

"What people are more resistent to lose is their pain. With it goes all the memories they had, good or bad, from something. This pain, this grief, is the last breath that would allow them to keep drowning for longer, but still surrounded by a history they think they need. I cried with you and you are now free, my child."

After saying that, He stood up. The fire pit was long gone, as the wood trunk in which Lucy was seating. With a blow He extinguished the flame from his staff and when the darkness again surrounded Lucy, she laid down again and there she slept for the last time.

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