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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



What exactly is wisteria? It is a dreamy evening, there doesn't exactly have to be anything romantic about that night, but something about that night feels like anything can happen. Cinnamon rolls they are your go-to treat when you are in the mood to have one, but you don't go to a bakery, the best cinnamon roll is homemade warm and sweet reminders of childhood. Of course what goes better with a cinnamon roll then with tea, and it does not matter what kind of tea it is but you always opt for an iced tea even during the colder months. In the society that we live in people always make their thoughts known especially on social media, where those thoughts can be looked at with judgment but you have the privacy of a diary where your thoughts and dreams are your own. 

The arrival of the colder months always brings you excitement not because the holidays are near but because of what you get to wear, your favorite sweaters each year you wear the same ones despite the fact that they are wearing out, they still bring you comfort. Flowers are something you must have when it comes to the decor of your house, and it does not matter what kind of flowers they are roses, lilies, anything that looks beautiful also even if the flower is plastic you still consider it a flower. Falling in love is always easy for you, and for those on the outside observing you they would be surprised to learn it's not people, but just simple activities gardening, reading, sewing, falling in love with something simple. Whenever people visit you they have to navigate themselves in what they describe as a book maze, you have piles of books in your home because surrounding yourself in so many other worlds is the best escape from reality.

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