Freedom from Clothing

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I don't want to be normal looking. I want to be interesting and cool looking. That should help.

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



I’m a human.

I have skin,

I have naked hands,

And naked feet.

Just like everyone else.


No, that’s not good enough.

I don’t wanna be like them,

I want to be different.

I want to look unique,

And give me,

My own image.


An image that only one person can produce.

And that person is me.

A reflection only I can make,

A picture no one else can draw.


I will cover myself.

My skin, will be sealed by long shirts and pants.

My hands will be sealed by dark black gloves.

My feet will be sealed by soft heavenly socks.

Nothing on me will show,

Unlike everyone else.

If they show it,

I will not.

This is how I am to be different.

This will work,

I’m unique now.


But they think it’s weird.

They say it is abnormal,

To wear gloves and scarves on hot days.

To don long pjs on a scorching night.

They give their tormenting stares.

Their ravenous thoughts,

And everlasting gossip.

I don’t care.


I will do this,

For me.

I wish to be this way,

And I will follow through with it,

No matter what the critics say.

There will also ways be the ones who support me.


So in that case,

I am,

The way I want to be.


No I’m not.

This isn’t working.

It’s not what they say,

But what myself says.

The deepest, most despicable part of me.

Down in the depth of my brain I know as,

Personal hell.


I can’t let myself do this.

These extra clothes,

They block me.

These long shirts and pants,

They make me sweaty and uncomfortable,

Depriving me of sleep.

These gloves,

Diminish my ability to do what I do best,

And they add more work to my schedule.

These socks,

They keep me up at night,

Stuck with my devilish thoughts.

I can’t keep these things on.


To the few of them who supported me,

In my decision to look different,

I’m sorry.

To the part of me that wanted this to work out,

I’m sorry.

To the part of me who never wanted this, and said it’d never work,

Here you go.

This is what I wanted,

Surely it is.


Now I can just be how I was before.

Just like them,

Just a normal human.

Nothing different about me,



That’s the thing isn’t it?

It’s not what’s on the outside,

But the inside.

What I’m capable of internally,

Rather than externally.


This society is so bent on beauty and looks.

The cover over the content.

The graphics rather than the data.

How pathetic.


Is that what got to me?

Made me want to look different?
I perhaps thought I’d be noticed more if I seemed to look unusual.

Then they might be more attracted to me, in some way.

Of course,

That didn’t happen.

Maybe I just didn’t give it enough time,

Or it was never to be in the first place.

Who knows,

I sure don’t.


One thing I am sure of,

Is this feeling of freedom.

I’m no longer stuck wearing clothing to look cool.

I’m free from it,

And I can just be me.

Even if that me, externally,

Is nothing special.

Even if I am basic,

I feel better now,

With the feeling of freedom.


Regardless of everything,

Here I am.

I’m a human.

I have skin,

I have naked hands,

And naked feet.

Just like everyone else.

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