Love You Dearly

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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



I spend a lot of time thinking, thinking of lines about the “use to” and monuments of missing you. If you dosed those friends of yours, with the same silent treatment you force fed me over and over again, I wonder if they’d wait for you as I do.

Defend them as the white knight you are, but run from me in terror with images of dragons in your brain. I wish upon a star for fairytale endings but I never meant for this. All I ever did was genuinely care.

Hate me all you want, but in the darkest of time, I’ll be the one you see. Once all your fairly flakey friends of yours, turn at the drop of a dime on you, you start to think of me too. 

I hope you think of the times I cried for you. Think of when I cried because of you. “Please God,” I pray, “make him think of the times I’ve loved him in spite of him.” Think long and hard, but please remember one thing.

I love you dearly, but now I can honestly say, I love you differently.

I used to love you enough to run to you no matter what. I loved you enough to fight for you; but never with you, even when I needed to, or should have. Now, I love you differently.

I love you from a comfortable distance, but not enough to ever see your snake-like smile in person. I love you for what you taught me not to settle with. I love you for the strength you showed me how to use.

I spend a lot of time thinking but less of that time is occupied with thoughts of you. I love you dearly, but now my darling, I love you differently.

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