Eulogy for a Dog

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Not being able to be there when my dog died was the hardest part of losing him. This poem helped me to say goodbye.

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



When you slept on my feet,

Late at night,

Or took up most of my small bed,

And let me feet hang over the edge,

I knew that you would protect me,

And that you did.

No monsters ever got me,

No ghosts ever appeared.

You let me hug you, and cry on your neck,

When I felt sad or alone,

You were always there.

You stayed faithful to me and my family,

Even if we sometimes left you alone.

And you never ceased to follow me,

Whenever I was at home.

Even when you could hardly stand and walk,

You would follow me up and down the stairs,

Day in and day out,

To make sure I was always safe,

And never alone.

You loved to pop bubbles,

And play with your racquet balls,

Up until the cancer came.

And even then, you would lift your head,

And watch as I threw it,

Across the yard.

So, I knew,

When you stopped even twitching your ears,

When the blue ball bounced,

That you were saying goodbye,

That it was time to go.

For 13 years, you were the friend,

That was always there.

The one that knew me,

better than anyone else.

You knew me at my worst,

And my best,

You saw me struggle,

And you saw me achieve.

You watched over me like an angel with paws,

A long pink tongue, and deep brown eyes.

You never said a word,

But in those eyes I saw

The love and support,

I could never hope to deserve.

This is my goodbye to you,

I know in time,

That I’ll be able to you remember you,

With a smile on my face,

And not just tears in my eyes.

I hope you knew,

I hope I showed you,

How much I loved you,

How much I cared.

You will never leave me,

In my heart and mind,

You are there forever,

Faithful, by my side.

I still love you, and always will;

I’ll see you again sometime, Azucar.

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