Wolves and Deer

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Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



Wolves and Deer 


There are wolves and there are deer. 


Then there are the poor among them that contort in their shells as a hybrid, nature had tried but nature had faltered. 


Living in a limbo, those hybrids are doomed to endlessly walk by the façade of a deer but manipulated to think with the hunters mentality of a wild dog. Natural enemies unnaturally joined. And yet, the other wolves only notice the dog. 

Extraordinary senses can only sense so much. 


Dogs were gifted with the instinct to be a wild beast. To run along the others, an incredible pack animal, equipped with the desire to be like their brothers and taste the moon like water. 


But, in the hybrid, unlike in the forest the wolf does not rule. The wolf cannot rule. No matter how hard it wants to. It must learn to exist in harmony with a deer within its rib cage, because a dripping inside is rare to properly function. 


Ignore it as the wolf might, it will soak through eventually. 


But the deer inside is anything but helpless. It can still scream, and it's not a scream that could possibly be smothered. It is piercing and  un-ignorable, no matter how hard the wolf will try to stifle it. The wolves ears will bleed the longer it attempts to disregard. So, in turn the wolf with claim a deer. 


It is a temporary promise. 


The deer fights to stand like a toddler beneath glinting knives that are a sad overcompensation. It stumbles like it cannot yet support itself but like a child clings to what little experiences it has had. It wails and screams and lets its heads swing in its cage.


But a killer is selfish. It bites harder to silence a threat. 


However, the deer is a force to be reckoned with. The deer is a wielder of a weapon, cleverness. It can assassinate from underneath.


The deer is smart. 


But the wolf is certain of it's teeth and refuses to take hostages.


The wolf feels threatened. 


However, the battle between forces is endless fore the two are equally matched on two contrasting strengths. One knows the other like it were themselves, because maybe at one point they were. 




And for a deer in a wolf's skull, it is like two puzzle pieces that don't quite match. You can force one into the other but the picture won't look as intended. You can shove a wolf into a deers paradise and the wolf will live an uncomfortable and anxious existence . Because nature does as nature should, the wolf should be as it should.


But the wolf is happy as a wolf, 


The wolf is happy as a wolf 


The wolf is happy not being a deer


The wolf thinks deer are weak 


But why does it get threatened by deer 


The wolf is a deer 


The wolf doesn't wanna be a deer 


The wolf wishes it was more a deer 


Wolves think too highly of themselves 


Damnit, Let the deer go  


The deer doesn't run 


Make the deer go 


The deer doesn't run 


Kill the deer 


The wolf doesn't run 




I am the wolf.

Let go of me.


The wolf feels threatened 


The deer is smart. 



Nature knew what it was doing.

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