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Renny and Jack enlist the support of Bobbi Webster, a lifelong friend of both. She is twenty years younger than Renny but appears to retain a crush on him, one she developed over the years before
she married and moved to Albany. Now divorced, well preserved, and working on some matters for National Security, she is a welcome addition to the team. For any number of reasons. Plans are laid.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - NEW BLOOD

Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018




A Novella

Nicholas Cochran

Chapter Three


I had no answer. I couldn’t even draw up a face from my memory. But I was flattered. I had no idea how flattered I should have been until she walked into the bar.

Bobbi was mid-height, maybe five nine, lean and supple which combined to make her appear taller. For a woman of forty-six, she looked absolutely angelic outlined in the open doorway of the bar. In fact, for a moment I could have sworn I saw a halo around her head. Of course, I took this as a good omen.

As she approached, I noticed she was still possessed her glorious natural blonde hair, almost white at this time of the summer. She unleashed her dashing smile. Bobbi had on a long white shirt over jeans and was wearing sandals. Every aspect I could determine about what lay beneath her clothing was positive. She was, in fact, one of those people that you read about now and then as being ‘perfectly preserved’ for her age. That was Bobbi Webster all right.  

When she came right up to me, I could see that her green eyes had not faded a bit. She grasped me by both shoulders and gave me a long generous kiss on the mouth.

“It's been a long time, Bobbi. And I don't ever remember getting a kiss before, as a matter of fact.”  I suppose I was smiling with a rather foolish look on my face because Jack could barely contain his laughter.

“Well it has been a while Renny. And you never even wrote to me. All these years; what, now twenty or more, and not even a note.” She attached a mock pout to her glamorous face.

Now I was really befuddled. I had no idea what she was talking about. I decided to go with the idea that she was putting me on at the very least, and perhaps even teasing me. I love to be teased by beautiful women.

“Answer me, Bobbi. What was that all about?” I couldn't help looking at her fourth finger of her left hand, just to make sure that it was empty. It was. I guess it must have showed in my face what I was thinking about, because she picked up my look at her hand and immediately stated. “Oh, it's okay Renny, he's all gone. And good riddance. And his tootsie as well,”

She said this without malice. Her tone was worldly, a knowing light-hearted resignation to the ways of men and their unforgivable habits.  Especially that of leaving their wives to run off with an office worker.

I had always thought this tawdry, to put it mildly. For God's sake, if you're going to leave the wife you’re bored with after however many years, why not latch onto something that's extraordinary; exuberant; going to provide you with unbelievable pleasures; and warm understanding, as well as being able to relate to everything of your time, to carry you into old age with the asset of being able to talk to you about songs of your times; your past.

 Jack saved me from embarrassment.

“Well Bobbi, I never seem to get any kind of a greeting like that.”

“Yeah Jack, point taken,” turning to me, “so my dear Renny; what is this mysterious whatever that you and Jack have cooked up for me to bail you out of?”

I didn’t really see how Jack I were in need of bailing out, but when I thought about it later, Bobbi was absolutely right. Jack and I had come up with nothing by way of a plan as to how to infiltrate the Squires mansion. We had called her and asked her come down. And so just being gentlemanly, I decided that we should be very frank with her as well.

“Bobbi, where did you learn—or rather where are you training now?” I knew I was babbling. Her kiss was still making its heated rounds in my body. “I mean, what are you doing these days; by way of work I mean.” Bobbi was silent for a moment until I remembered that Jack told me that Bobbi's husband had managed to obtain a good job for her in some sort of security situation. As it turned out, this was in fact what Bobbi was thinking about before she answered.

“I can't tell you everything that I am doing at work, but I am working with some agencies as a coordinator for some National Security interests.”

I didn't really have an answer to this; or even a question.

“Okay, Bobbi,” began Jack, “we don't really need to know exactly what it is you've been doing. It's more what you could do for us; if you wanted to help us out, that is.”  

Jack turn to me, “Ren, I think you should tell Bobbi everything that you told me and see what she suggests before we give her any ideas that we have come up with.”

I thought this was a very stupid decision by Jack. If, in fact, Bobbi either would not or could not help us then she would be out of any danger that might be in store for those who began messing around with whatever was happening out there on the Squires’ spread. Nevertheless, I told Bobbi everything that I had told Jack. When she nodded at the proper points, I could tell that her mind was tracking with Jack’s and mine with respect to what to do about any criminal or any other nefarious business that was going on at the Squires’ mansion.

Well, it seems to me,” began Bobbi, “what we need here is somebody to get on the premises—or at least check it out; maybe at night, to see what's happening.”

“I certainly agree, Bobbi. Do you think that we should try some night surveillance before we try anything else? I asked.

Her brows creased for a moment while she weighed the pros and cons of the ideas that she had come up with; conclusions she had reached, all of which we hoped she would tell us.

“I suppose that we could do surveillance. We would need some night vision goggles which is no problem. I can get those. But what is it that you really expect to find out there, or is there anything at all that you expect to find?”

“I don't know what we're looking for Bobbi,” I said with all the sincerity I could muster, “it's just that all the events that I encountered today made me feel very strongly that something fraudulent, devious, hinky, ---- whatever, is going on up there.”

“Tell you what,” said Jack, “why don't we do this. Let's go and have a peek tonight just to see if anything is going on. If everything goes well; nothing suspicious, we can perhaps think of another plan; and if you want to know what that is Bobbi, I can tell you now.”

I kicked Jack as hard as I could, almost toppling him off his barstool. “Or we can just see what happens tonight and then go from there. How about a beer Bobbi?"

“No thanks, Jack. Anyway, I'm on duty.”

This last remark was all I needed to bluntly ask Bobbi what she did or what duty she was on at the present time. I still had in mind Jack’s caution that Bobbi was involved with some security interests and, of course, that Bobbi herself had said something about being a coordinator for certain security agencies.  

There weren’t many people in the Skiffs at the moment. We had no problem in speaking frankly to each other about what plans we might have concerning the Squires. The first thing I asked Bobbi was if she knew anything about the Squires or if she had even met any of them.

“Well I knew Eddie pretty well. I remember you and him. I remember you and he would grab somebody's boat—I guess, usually his—and terrorize all of us in our piddling little crafts. In fact, I think I hated you as much as I loved you.”

She said this without blushing. I had the distinct impression that she was in no way self-conscious. Then again, it had been twenty plus years and she was a divorced woman in her forties working in some top-secret area of the nation’s security community. Nevertheless, the ‘love’ word jiggled some memories of Bobbi, and I thought this would be a good topic to pursue with her at a later date, perhaps over a beer.

“How long have you been back in The Bay?” I asked.

“Well, what Jack? . . . maybe now a year-and-a-half.”

“Really? I asked, shocked, “where have you been?”

She took a deep breath. Her shirt moved seductively.“You see, I had to take some training, and it required that I be out of town. I didn't really do much around The Bay during that time,” now smiling,” but, here I am, back again and through with my training; and ready to talk to my old chums—as well as an old chum who I had hoped would be a flame.

But oh no, Renton;  you just let me marry that good for nothing jerk and traipse off to Albany. Talk about a city soaked in chloroform.

Edgar. Dear God, I should have known when I heard that his real name was Edgar. If only someone had really told me that was that his name. I guess I never really talked to him about it. All his family called him Ed. Oh well. Water under the bridge. Geez, I hate that expression. However, that's what it is, Renny, and here are you. I hear you lost your wife a few years ago.”

“Right. Natasha and I were married for almost thirty years. She was the best thing that ever happened to me.” I stopped abruptly, quickly understanding that I would fall into the maudlin if I began to resurrect memories of Natasha.

“I'm very sorry, Renny.” said Bobbi with clear-cut sincerity, if not some form of regret. Or was I reading too much into anything Bobbi said at the moment? I suddenly found myself growing much warmer inside, realizing that although Natasha was gone, there might be a possible substitute standing right before me. I guess I looked like I was reliving the scorching pain of these thoughts because Bobbi immediately asked me if I was all right.  

“Yeah, sure Bobbi. I’m fine.” I forced a smile.

“Okay,” said Jack with great cheer, “how about our plans for the Squires mansion? “He asked this with an overabundance of jollity. I'm sure, in order to prevent any further interaction between Bobbi and myself before we enlisted her support for our plans.

 Bobbi understood what was going on in my head right away. Then again, perhaps she was reviving a true crush on me, a thought I kept dwelling on, despite Jack’s beginning to question what our plans should be.

“All right,” said Jack, “I think the best thing to do, Renny, is to tell Bobbi what we have in mind with respect to her participation. Let’s see what she thinks.”

Although I thought that this was premature, I suddenly got the feeling that trying to keep anything from Bobbi was counterproductive. She would probably have a lot more—and better—ideas for getting into the Squires mansion to sniff around and see what was happening.

“All right, I agree. But let’s go up there this evening and see if anything’s going on and go from there.”

We all agreed to meet at ten at the Skiffs.

“I'll round up some night vision goggles for you guys. Any reason to think that we need to be armed?”

“I don't really see that in the cards at this time Bobbi, do you Renny?”

“No. I think we should keep this as low-key as we possibly can for as long as we can.”

Both agreed.

“Alright then, gentlemen,” said Bobbi, while blessing both of us with a beautiful smile, “I shall see you here at about ten this evening. I'll have the equipment in my car. Here's my cell phone number if you think of anything else that we need that I might be able to get for us; or if you think of anything else I should know.

You know you haven't really told me very much of anything, but I do appreciate what you have told me. But, if you think of anything else, please tell me. I mean it. I might be able to get some other equipment or think of some other approaches we want to explore when we get there.”


End of Chapter Three


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