Monster in the Room

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The always-present monster-spectre, the midnight monster lurking not underneath the bed but among us.

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



There is a monster next to me.

I see him through the mirrors.

It numbs my senses.  I feel defenseless.  I’ve gone mad.

“Welcome to the darkside” – he murmurs. 

“Raise, I am coming to devour your soul” – he shouts.

No absolutions

It numbs my senses.

Curled up beneath, he peeks under the sheets.

I see a monster but he is invisible by the rest.

It numbs my senses.

The sounds are silent and the grunt fades.

“Welcome to the darkside” – he murmurs.

Cold, cramped, I cannot breath.

Alone he stands in the corner of the room.

I feel dark, pitch black, I cannot breath, my lungs collapse. 

There is a monster in my room.

I dare not to say.

It numbs my senses.

A psychopath from hell feeding my head with hate.

I cannot breath, soon my sanity will break.

Lurks in my soul, secretly hoping to steal my light.

What no one sees is the pain that is hidden.

Deep in the darkside is written.

The voice is so quite you can’t hear a word.

Scream quietly, so silently.

It is time to run, before is too late.

© Copyright 2019 Rosy Rogers. All rights reserved.

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