Our Comeback

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Let these days ahead feel where we must invest for a new future. :)

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



Sometimes we receive setbacks never ever reported in our lifetime,

May be tomorrow our old story need to start from zero again,

Taking the lead against this unimagined calamity,

Together let our voice burst into life for a comeback,

We dont battle here yet small grants make us change simple unlearned future,

Today this development ask your leadership to end conflicts with the living Earth,

Every individual owe this responsibility and claims tell us,

We need an affliations laid on a true vision may guide us on a way by being eco-friendly,

Our homage for this calamity must first inspect what went wrong,

To build a tomorrow where no one lose their fortune invested on this land,

Let us learn to provide insights and how much this concern comes from being human, 

Now when the flood water recedes,

And where adversity expose an extensive environmental contamination evicted from the lost,

Our conduct may compensate some income for this pathetic neighborhood stories,

A time fending off a hostile bid into the supply, demand, and flow of relief materials;

Today these days back to a home from rescue camps,

Our community address still a persistent problem for rehabilitation to lead them back to life,

Unlearned learning of this risk tells us there is a distinctive strength advancing in our diversity,

Can in the name of God let us do more in our collective responsibility to do less without the hassle into the unknown takeaways here?

All in one place this day starts elevating this lead to invest into grants,

And raise your voice for powering our daily life and demand eco-friendly for supporting advocacy of one planet we belong here,

I see this championship we make take into more attention daily,

Everywhere our local empowerment can grant and raise answers for new solution,

Our people spent day and night for addressing this issue rightly,

What any safeguard expected this land is blessed with those leaders,

I ask you let us paint once again many ways we can stop this vulnerability today,

So that our home stands so strong never get into such damages,

Where there is old people who demands attention,

When little children raise their wrinkles into a society's living purpose,

We are the hope born for this stake to rebuild a vibrant community here,

Our design to feel this home may tap more use of renewable resources,

It may excel into tracking prospects and hold a story for our comeback as a family with diversity,

Once again let us give this opportunity as a great honour for all their contribution,

As one building block of this intrastrcture let us commit a lead in our days as the source,

May a simple sustainable development plan always link and bring together welfare for our existence here.

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