Anything But Radical

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



Anything But Radical


It’s a slippery slope to nothing

Yet some are willing to walk the path

Of a lonely bloodied hallway

Leaving bodies in their wrath

Screaming ever, always haunting

Never leaving, lingers, lasts

And even in the nothing

They hear the voices of the past


Still they think this is a calling

Or some cleansing, some salvation

And I can understand the concept

Even crazy has its reasons

But it’s more than simply crazy

If it wasn’t, We The Nation

Wouldn’t have a problem

Enacting legislation


No, the problem lies with hate.

And hate is hard to fight

You’ll never be prepared enough

And trying as you might

It’s rooted in the shadows

So you’re really fighting blind

And because it’s human nature

Most people are the hating kind


So what takes us from our nature

Being bitter, being petty

To a place we can’t control

Where the hate is all consuming?

Always there, always looming

Changing thoughts, slowly grooming

Taking shots, stabbing, wounding

How could someone come to do things


Like take away the life

Of a child they don’t know

It truly hurts my brain

To wrap my head around the woe

They are bringing to a people

That’s much larger than it seems

While we dance around semantics

Subtle money, tired themes.


What we’re doing isn’t working

And children die in places we send them

Good people can’t enter places of worship

Without fear of retaliation

And going to a concert now

Means watching out for gunmen


This hate is bringing armageddon!


So if we tried to fight it

Both with fury And with stealth

Couldn’t one now argue

That idea be put upon the shelf

And instead we try out love

Put a focus on creation

Even in the midst of all this

chaos and destruction


Really listen to other people

When they tell you they’re not happy

Make meaningful connections

Stand up for someone, stop a bully!

Look out for one another

And always due your civic duty

By calling out the hate

Before, it leads to cruelty


The point is not to shun them

Or make them a pariah

But instead to have a conversation

And hopefully apply a

Bit of empathy and sanity

To their situation, and maybe

Through understanding

They will finally come to reason


Cause the Government is Useless

They’re simply bought and paid for

And we can’t all agree so

Wants gets lost within the uproar

In the meantime you can see

What this is doing on the ground floor

So why can’t we try a world

Where the world is truly cared for?

-SJN Lawrence

© Copyright 2018 SJN Lawrence. All rights reserved.