Who I Am

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



Perfect is something I'm not,

With flaws so glaring sometimes

To ignore them would be lying.

Good is something I try to be,

Strive to be.

I tune out,

Shut down,

Become a shell.

I'm full of life,

More energy than humanly possible.

I take time to text back,

I reply instantly.

I don't care if my feelings are hurt,

I'm sensitive beyond compare.

My emotions frighten me,

Lock themselves away from me.

Don't let me express them easily,

Or properly.

Sometimes the easiest thing to say

Is nothing.

Not for lack of want,

But ability.

Saying how one truly feels

Is an art.

One I've yet to perfect.

Sounding unfeeling

Or distant,

Like it would hurt too much otherwise.

This is part of the confusing, imperfect


That is who I am.

© Copyright 2018 Kristyn Madeline. All rights reserved.

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