Boys Don't Cry

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



it's the strangest thing to notice
when I go to my therapist

but he's on the same floor as Obstetrics
so once and a while
this pleasant tone will sound
like a wind chime
through the hallway intercom
it signifies a child being born

I can't
hear it

in this particular hospital
those beginning their lives
share a number in the elevator
with older human bodies orbiting
the burgeoning Behavioral Health department
some trying to figure out why their minds are telling them to end it all
everyone fighting some sort of battle you cannot see
all of us connected

another pleasant tone sounds
maybe its a girl
maybe its a boy

I usually get there early and sit in the waiting room

I get there early in the day
when there's the morning crowd waiting in line
for their dose of methadone

another pleasant tone
and a life begins for one
while medicine is swallowed
just to keep the pot from boiling over
for another

it goes on like this
wherever you go in our culture

it's no different in the streets
because I've been there too

twenty hard years
self medicating the
silent struggles
for survival

because boys don't cry
and girls wear pink
and nobody
is supposed to talk about a god damn thing
until one of us dies
and even then
the silence returns after a few days
and we all go back inside

another pleasant tone
maybe its a girl
maybe its a boy
another chance
to make it better
maybe just a bit

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