can you see me?

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



Can You See Me? 


Hey, can you see me?

I’m with that girl in the corner, 

looking at everyone, making her wish 

that she could be more confident like them 


Hey, can you see me? 

I’m with that strong, confident man, 

standing amongsthis large group of friends, 

but making him wish that he was by himself


Hey, can you see me? 

I’m with that celebrity that’s constantly surrounded 

by fans, paparazzi, and security, but making her want 

to quit and leave it all behind 


You still don’t see me? 

I guess it’s pretty difficult for most people to see me, 

because I hide very easily from the people that think “Oh, they’ll get over it” 

or “ They’re just having an off day, they’ll be fine tomorrow.” or “WOW, they’re so over dramatic”. 


Hey, can you see me? 

I’m with that young boy, standing on a bridge, looking down 

to the shallow water below, making him think of the unthinkable. 


Now do you see me? Do you know who I am? 

I go by many names. Sadness, gloom, low spirited. 

But many people know me by the name, 



Hey, my name is depression, I’m the invisible evil

that haunts more than three-hundred million people

and I’ve been waiting for you to see me. 

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