"Jack banner"

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



My name is jack banner. I am known to this universe as nothing more than a mascot. A symbol...when I was born into

This world I laid out in the hospital building. I was dying..the doctors all checked on me and said I had cancer. 

There was no way to save me. I had less than a month. My dad at the time knew he had to do something. Now I think it's important you should know I have a powerful family. My father made a deal with the devil. He said spare my sons life and I will do whatever you ask of me. 

The devil smiled and said "I will grant your son life but yours ends with this request. My dad got on his knees and said thank you. The devil then shot a sort of mist at me and I disappeared from this world. The next day doctors were astonished when all forms of my cancer had vanished. 

No one knew what happened. I was just me again. But the devil never gives without consequences. I have something inside me..something demonic that comes out when I get angry enough sort of like the hulk but I hurt people. I killed my friend over a girl. I didn't mean to it just happened. He cheated on me with her. I must leave the world but I simply cannot.

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