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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



Why me? Why would you
Ever forgive a thrashcan?
Can't you let him be?
Look, he took off and ran.

Just let me be. Let me die,
I'm not worthy to be alive.
You can find someone else to do your work,
You are the One God. You are alive.

Why resurrect the dead,
If they'll just get homesick?
Is it to show off? To show the world some...
Sacred enormous magic trick?

Why let me live? 'Cause I chose for you?
Father, I just didn't want to die.
You bring life, light, happiness,
That was the focus of my human eye.

It has nothing but selfish goals,
I wish I had the courage to rip them out!
And my hands while I'm at it,
No more fapping allowed.

Can't you see that I just fucking miss you?
Father, you're the only One that loves me.
Wouter doesn't even bother to love,
A creature so foul, wrecking bitterly.

Lord, why would you save me?
Satan's still in my heart.
He's crawling, screaming, scratching,
Punching and ripping me apart.

You saved me just to let me fall,
Back to the lord of air?
You knew I would rebel against You,
Losing it all, finding rest nowhere.

Father, fuck off with Your grace!
A real dad takes good care of His child...
But you've just let me become,
A monster, unruled and wild.

I know you're almighty, God.
I know I don't stand a chance.
I know You will win in the end.
I know You love me.
I know I love you.
I know...
I know I already lost.

I can't do shit without you, Lord.
I'm useless, rotten, aggressive.
Sinful, spiteful, hateful... but,
For some reason you'll let me live.

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