True Love

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This is a poem I wrote a few years ago about my high school love. Writing this poem gave me closure. I originally wrote it to background music. I hope you enjoy it!

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



They say true love never dies,

So I guess my love was true, huh?

Thoughts of you still linger on my mind,

Three years later and it’s still you?


But I never told nobody, no

About the way I still care for you.

Didn’t want them looking at me crazy so

I went and found another boo.


Hoping he could help me move on,

But two relationships, both of them failed

And now that I’m sitting here alone,

Thoughts of you start to refill my head


Now I got a baby, though,

And you had one recently too.

But I can’t help but think about 

How that was supposed to be me and you.


Highschool sweethearts 

Yeah, those were the good days

Playing basketball at the park,

Riding four wheelers on muddy days


Walking down that dark road

Sneaking through my front door

Kicking back and spending time

Was enough for me I was never bored


They always say life ain’t fair

And that’s the truest thing that I heard

Because if I could have things my way

You’d be with me and not with her


But I gotta play the hand I’m dealt

In life, there’s no exchanging of the cards

Leo, just like the lion I’ve got to be strong

But I must admit, sometimes it’s hard


They say you gotta smile to hide the pain,

So when I see you I don’t let it show

But my heart is calling out your name,

It’s like you’ve got the key to my soul


Then you threw the key into the deepest ocean,

And I can’t even swim.

Now I’m stuck here writing this poem

Drowning in the thoughts I’ve been holding in


They say love make you do crazy things,

And this is crazy, you ain’t even mine

But you got me sitting here praying to God

To please send me some kind of sign


I’ve never been the type to wait around,

And I’ve been waiting three years

I never knew that I could be this loyal

Or that my eyes could cry this many tears


But I’m wishing you the best, though 

And hopefully the best is with me

But if it’s not I understand 

That maybe me and you aren’t really meant to be


They say true love never dies

I guess that means my love is true

Because even though you’ve moved on

For me, it’s always been, it’s still you. 




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