Orignal Characters: A Collection of Short Stories

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Collection of Short Stories/ Drabble/ random pieces featuring My own OCs.

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



“You sure ‘bout this?” The man asked, a cigarette burning between his lips as he drew back a long drag, letting the toxic smoke fill his lungs and exhaling the plume of grey smoke. The woman smiled slyly, giving a nod before turning her head away, resting it upon the head rest of the black faux leather parlor chair. The buzz of the tattoo gun filled the atmosphere, but could not drown out the subtle metal pouring from the speakers suspended from the ceiling. The wood paneled walls absorbed much of the vibrations from the small machine, as she felt the multiple needles begin to rapidly pierce her skin in small short lines along the purple-ish blue outline. The temporary outline of a skull, a threatening snake curled and entwined within it’s hollow shell, as it peeked out through one of the sockets, mouth wide and fangs exposed. Her nose wrinkled at the slight stinging as the man continue to trace the lines, the painful vibrations continuing in the pattern of the ink outline.  

Every so often there came a pause, the man pushing back to examine his handiwork as he took another long drag of his cigarette. The woman sighed, relaxing her body as she stood to stretch. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see the black lines of her outlined tattoo, giving a giddy smile of approval before resetting herself into the parlor chair. It was mere seconds before the man continued the tattoo process, now adding the flash of color it lacked. The serpent came first, earning a simple turquoise green for its base as he shaded it in, the feeling resembling close to that of a small child scribbling harshly with a fine tipped Sharpie Pen. next, came the scaling, adding touches of various blues and greens to give it a realistic coloring, adding a deep brown to the slit pupils peering out, contrasting the soon-to-be white fangs.


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