"Boarding school"

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Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



I sat on top of the hood of my families car at a Denny's restaurant. I was smoking a cigarette. My mom, dad and brother were eating. I was pisses because this was my last meal for a long time. 

Tomorrow I was going to an all girls boarding school. I was court ordered. My name is Stephanie I'm not bad I'm just well a young women growing up in a messed up world. It started to rain. My mom came out and put an umbrella over my head. 

I looked up at her. "Look I'm sorry I turned out to be this way." My mom then said "Stop your not bad I know this situation just sucks I don't want you to be locked away in a boarding school thousands of miles from home, but the judge thinks this will straighten you out." "Well it won't." I say looking on the ground. An ant was walking. 

"Please just give this a chance. For me." My mom said. It started to thunder. "Fine. I'll give it a shot" I say. "Thank you sweetie." My mom says and kisses my forehead. "Mom." I say. As I get off the car and walk back into the restaurant. "Boat time you come in your foods cold." My dad said. 

"Can I put my things in her room?" My brother asks. "Not now Connor." My mom said. I glared at him. " if anyone's putting anything in her room it's me I'm putting in a treadmill. My dad says biting into a sausage. "Whatever." I say. As I eat the chicken in front of me. "My last decent

Meal for awhile." I say. "Who's fault is that?" My dad says. "Walter." Mom says. "No it's ok it certainly isn't yours." I say to dad. "You know I don't need to listen to your shit. Go wait in the car." My dad says. "Gladly" I say getting up. I grab the last piece of sausage from his plate and throw it at the window. Walter grabs it and eats it. "Walter. That was un called for. She's your daughter. She's going through some hard times." "Yeah hard times she started." He says.

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