Lost Emotions

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You don't trust anyone been betrayed by everyone even yourself you create a hard impenetrable wall so as to keep everyone away you know it's pure deceit because one of these days the wall will be
destroyed by a feminine presence it's a fact that you don't want to admit your weakness has always been capitalised on and because of that you eradicate everything that creates love or makes you
feel loved.

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



I have loved and I have been loved times and times without number but at the end everything always end up in futile, it's as If I am replaying the whole scene again and again no matter how I try to make it better or be optimistic about it; it always leads to both of us being heart broken.

Maybe I am just unlucky or maybe I am ill-fated when it comes to relationships but if there's anything I try not to repeat the same mistake I made but it still doesn't change the outcome.

My lost emotions keep haunting me without season I try my best to fight and not to give in to the lecherous temptations but I am but a mere man it will only take time before I am driven into the world of what I desire the most. "MY HAREM" .

I had just walked few steps from my house when I laid my eyes on beauty, suddenly I was lost my heart beat ran at an incredible speed and all I could think of was jackpot she melted the impenetrable wall and I knew within me that I have found thou which had been lost "my true emotions" I was still having lustful thoughts about her when I regained consciousness and our eyes clashed I winked at her and I said to myself if fate deem it be we shall meet again all through the night her whole body became my dreamland as I wandered in her heart getting lost and finding my path until I awoke and decided that she is the one.

We met again at the lonely shore and I approached her and behaved like a man I capitulated to her essence and I appealed her heart my first touch on her was so perfect that I was so sure nobody could beat the effect I had laid on her I had become the master of seduction my words drove her imagination wild my body language was so convincing but I was also at a disadvantage 'cos her voice was without doubt slowly entrapping me her scent was so charming her cleavage was indescribable her lips looked so succulent and i knew she was really beauty her hands were as soft as velvet her eyes produces charms that are irresistible but I withstood all of her dangerous charms but i knew within me that she will still be mine and it was as if we had been friends for ages cos i almost knew everything about her and same to me.

On daily basis we talked, played ate and laughed together we knew we were each other's soul mates but the time for me to confess my love to her had come and I had become mute this happened until one lovely night when the moon dawned her light on us and the stars gracefully danced in the sky and with utmost confidence, love, appreciation beauty and desire I confessed my love to her and she smiled and said same and she knew it had been for a long time but the chase was sweet and she wasn't ready to stop

And this fateful day when our love was at its peak and liquor had taken us far we stopped to temptation and made the greatest love.

I carried her with all the strength I had and kissed her so passionate forgetting the world and drifting into our own dream land we made for the sacred dance that signifies love. She undressed me as I did to her and like a pro would do it she went down and that's all I remember waking up with both of us stark naked and she complemented that it was her best night and I nodded my head I knew the Great Wall of mine has fallen like the Great Wall of Jericho I was a little bit scared but I believed that things would work out for the best and once again I have found my once lost emotions and it has redeemed me from all my fears and now I am liberated and I have transcended into the world of love where lovers reside for eternity.

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