cherish the stars

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Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



Sometimes we only see the darkness 

The vast emptiness of the night sky 

A blank black canvas of looming pessimism and doubt

Foreboding, quiet, silent

But I cherish the stars


100 billion of them in this Milky Way

Bright stars, dim stars, red stars, white stars

Dwarf stars, giant stars even supergiant stars 

Each with its place in the sky

It’s own time for giving light 

Breaking up the vastness of the dark void 

I cherish the stars 


Twinkling in the darkness like diamonds held against a black dress 

They each have their purpose

Their story rich in warmth

Illuminating the emptiness of space

I cherish the stars


Sometimes we only see the hatred 

The animosity towards others 

Violence rearing its ugly head

Disregard for life; 

unkindness to all things runs rampant across this mud ball planet

But I cherish the stars


Seven billion of them on this place called Earth 

Stars at their beginning, stars at their ending, stars in their prime 

Black stars, white stars, red stars, yellow stars, brown stars

Small stars, big stars, large stars

I cherish the stars 


Stars shining in troubled times

Some persevering in kindness with generosity and compassion against the darkness of the day 

Twinkling with optimism and brilliance piercing the darkness 

I cherish the stars


Stars giving hope 

Every star is important

purposeful in its existence 

Clustering together fighting against the greed, hatred and violence

I will always cherish the stars


I am among the cherished 

This is not his story

This is not her story

This is our story

And we are stars

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