Society tried to kill love and no one cared

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Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



 Words flow from my brain to the page

Seeped in a quiet kind of rage

Because society has made it hard to be alone

And try finding a date if your not beautiful

I'm sorry but the truth is hurtfully

How can someone love you

If you don't love yourself

Keeping your heart hide up on a shelf

But of course if your a single girl your a prude

But it's totally fine to be a single dude

Looks have overtaken smarts

People no longer care about poetry and art

And love is rarely lasting

I feel like I'm drowning in my loneliness

There's no one calling my phone

I feel like society stabbed love in the heart

Had a plan to destroy it from the start

Didn't manage to kill love completely

But left it battered bruised and scared

It locked itself away

The world was completely unprepared

Now people care more about casual dating

There's not a lot of love but lots of hating

And poets like me are left debating

Is true love alive or dead

And is this where society has lead

Grabbed humanity by the hand and is leading us over a cliff

No words can express my sadness

Over societies decent into madness

It's gone down a dark path

And I don't have to do the math

To realize we're heading to our destruction

So don't stay silent join the discussion

Promote love don't spread hate

Tell your loved one how you feel before it's to late

Make meaningful connections

© Copyright 2018 Jessica E McGibbon. All rights reserved.

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