I'm Not Done

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A thank you poem when things get rough. Or a thoughtful moment when you see someone in trouble.

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



I’m not done, don’t shut me out

Don’t shut me down; I have a voice here too


Pass me by,

Just another voice in a crowd of screams

I know


But I feel it,

Can you hear it?

I feel it; simmering heart beat

Let it leave me, fade away

Stop the heart break


Stop! Listen,

Your heart beat, I never knew…
I see it, you’re see through like glass


Look at that beauty,

Kindness flowing,

Touching lives


Take me to the light,

Reignite my heart

Electric beating inside

Just a stranger on the tides

You’d never know till it was too late

No heart beat, evaporated away


But, one act…

One kindness…



Too beautiful, sing, that voice

That’s what I crave,

I want to be as brave as you,

I want to be as kind as you,

I want to save that voiceless heart too


One small change: freedom,


I’m not done…Can’t shut me out


Can’t… I’m out

I’m free, look



I’ve learned,

Beautiful soul,

Thank you for teaching me.

© Copyright 2019 Jennifer J. Lacelle. All rights reserved.

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