My Heart Is Within You

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Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



I knew you in another life
I’ve come to know you in this life
And I will know you in the next life
That I am sure

I will trade you my love 
In return for your distress
I will give you my eyes
And all the consummate parts of me
Until I’m ash 
And my name dissolves to temporal memory

You hold the heart 
That which pumps my blood
You own my veins
You have my name

If Zeus had cut our body in two
Then you are the one that my soul yearns for 
The only reunion I need 
My one and only truth

This is no love affair
This is the recognition of spiritual identity
The unveiling of the proverbial counterpart
The abandonment of sensuality
For my goddess reincarnate 
The union of truth

The truth lies in my heart
Where you live

Coincidence is only the impossible
For time can't construct the convergence of souls

The greatest truth I can impart on you:

My heart is within you.

Within your eyes
Within your voice
Within your breath
Within your touch
Within your mind
Within your sorrows
Within your bliss
Within your blood
Within your soul
Within your heart

My best friend
My purpose
My fate
My fire
My goddess

My heart is within you.


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