The Playground

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Kaylee is an only child. It gets a bit lonely sometimes. Cover designed by Booksie member Markie Bee

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



The Playground.

It wasn’t that I minded being an only child; it certainly had some advantages. But sometimes it would be nice to have someone to play with. We have neighbours but none of their children are a similar age to me; most were teenagers but there were a few babies too.

My cousin Charlie used to come over at weekends sometimes, and that could be fun. He was only a couple of years older than me, but once he was eight he said that he no longer wanted to be seen playing with a five year old girl. Then they’d moved away anyway, him and my Aunt and Uncle; too far to see more than maybe once a year.

I’d been at school for a year. It was okay, but the friends that I made there lived on the other side of town. Not that they were really good friends anyway, not ones that would be coming round to my house to play.

My parents did what they could, took me out, played some games, but whatever they did, they were not children. Then one day I was no longer alone.

Peter and Pru were identical twins. The clothes they wore were a bit strange and they did not seem to know what some of my toys were. But they were someone to play with and sometimes they could be a lot of fun. I asked them once how old they were, they looked about the same as me.

Us, we’re both one hundred and five.” That’s what Peter had said and Pru had nodded. I knew that was not possible so I just nodded, thinking that perhaps they were not good with numbers.

Anyway, they were here with me, to play with, and I was not about to argue with them and make them go away.

I tried to tell my parents about them once, even brought them in to my room to say hello. The strangest thing was that they did not seem to be able to see the children, and just smiled at me. They thought that my friends were pretend ones but they were wrong.

When my parents had left my room, gone back downstairs, the twins cornered me. They looked angry and for the first time I actually felt a bit scared of them.

Why did you do that?” Peter said, leaning in towards me.

No one can see us. No one but you,” continued Pru. “Just keep us to yourself or they will think that you are mad!”

I wouldn’t play with them any more that day but they didn’t care. They had all my things to mess around with, after all. And they had each other.

That night I’d laid in bed thinking about the twins. They shouldn’t have got mad at me, how was I to know that no one else could see them. But then it was nice in a way to have some really secret friends. I could say anything to them, do anything with them, and nobody would ever know.

The following day we all made friends again, and if we made a bit too much of a mess, Mommy didn’t complain. Not this time anyway.

After a couple of weeks the twins got bolder. They were growing bored with just sitting around playing nicely. Pru picked up some crayons and began to make big strokes of bright colors on my wall.

Stop, Pru!” I shouted at her because I knew Mommy would be mad at me, not to mention Daddy. They’d think I’d done it, would blame me.

Why? Look at all this space we can draw on.”

No, we can’t. It’s not allowed.” I tried to explain but I just seemed to make her get cross, for the next thing I knew she was crushing and rubbing that crayon into the wall.

No one tells me and my brother what to do,” Pru said. “Certainly not you!”

And just like that the two of them disappeared.

I don’t know what hurt to most; my friends disappearance or my parents anger? They did not smack me or anything, but they ignored me for a while and that hurt almost as much. And then they went in to my room and moved everything around so that all the crayon marks would be hidden behind my toy cupboard. The next day my crayons had gone.

It was several days before Peter and Pru made a reappearance. And it was strange because they acted as though nothing had happened at all. They were friendly enough and although Pru remarked on the toy cupboard, she did not mention the reason that it had been moved. I was just glad to have my playmates back.

It wasn’t the same though, not any more. They would play together, turn their backs on me. They would throw some of my precious toys to the ground, and once I saw Peter stamping on one of my favourite dolls. He broke it and I knew that I’d be blamed, so, without saying a word, I picked it up and hid it in the bottom of my toy box. Mostly it was full of ones that I’d out-grown, so no one was likely to find it there.

I tried to join in with them but they just told me to go and play with something on my own. It was worse than before, because now I was being kept out of playing with my own toys. Others had taken them over.

Pru brought a pair of scissors with her. I don’t know where she got them from; I’m not allowed to use them. I didn’t realise what she intended to do, not until she started. Snip, snip, she gave all my dolls ragged ugly haircuts, and then she fixed her eyes on me.

Peter must have known what she planned because there he was in front of me, holding my arms still, while his sister went behind me and, snip, snip, started cutting at my hair.

No!” I hadn’t meant to scream so loud, but my Mommy came bounding up the stairs.

Kaylee! What have you done? Your hair! Your dolls!” The scissors were nowhere to be seen, of course. “Where are they, Kaylee? Give me the scissors right now.”

I did the only thing that I could do, and burst in to tears. I could still hear their laughter as Mommy led me down the stairs.

I heard them that night, my parents. I knew they were going to be talking about me so I made sure to listen in.

Do you think she’s being bullied?” That was my Mommy.

At school, do you mean? I hope not. They said that they keep a good eye on them there. And anyway, there’s no school at the moment so why would this suddenly start now.”

Maybe she’s worried about going back there. It’s not like Kaylee to treat her things so badly.”

Did you find the scissors?” my Daddy asked.

No, not a sign. Just a broken doll that she’d tried to hide.”

There was some talk that followed, too quiet for me to make out more than the odd word or two. I wasn’t going to find out any more so I went to bed. In the middle of the night I was woken by my keyboard. It was only little but it was loud. Peter or Pru had to be back in my toyroom.

They were sitting there surrounded by my toys and they were making so much noise. “Stop it,” I said to them in my loudest whisper but they just looked at me and carried on. Then Peter found the drum Charlie had passed on to me. He started to bang it hard and I made a lunge and....the door opened.

Somebody is going to be in trouble,” giggled Pru, as Peter let go of the drum.

Kaylee!” It was my Daddy. “Get to bed this instant. You know I have to get up early for work. What do you think you are doing?” He picked up the drum and put it back on the shelf next to Peter.

Bang it now, I thought, prove that it was not me. But of course he didn’t. The twins seemed to find it so much fun to get me in trouble.

I was fed up. Why had my friends started to hate me? I did not get up but stayed in bed. It was the reason my Mommy was looking for. I had been being so naughty because I was getting sick.

I don’t know if Peter and Pru came round on those days. If they did they must have been quiet and well-behaved or Mommy would have said something. I couldn’t stay in bed forever though, so I spent a couple of days downstairs with Mommy before returning back to the playroom.

The weather suddenly became nice and my Mommy decided I should spend more time outside. She got my bike out from the shed, and put it in to the garden with my slide, my swing! As we turned to head back indoors I heard those familiar  voices outside.

Look at this!” I heard Pru say.

It’s like a playground!” Peter replied.

Mommy insisted on getting me a drink to take out with me. She did not see what was going on in the garden but I did. Peter climbed up the slide and down it. Pru wanted to follow him but was too impatient, did not wait for him to get off of there and the entire thing tipped over.

Peter ran round in circles whooping and laughing, jumped on my bike and rode it straight into the plants, while Pru climbed on the swing, going higher and higher.

Stop it!” I shouted. “Go away!”

Both of their heads snapped round in my direction. “Don’t say that,” said Peter.

She didn’t mean it,” said Pru.

I did mean it. I did! I want you to GO AWAY!”

And they did. They both just vanished in to thin air, and by the time my Mommy joined me there was no one left but us and a lot of mess. The swing was still moving.

What the....?” Mommy knew it could not have been me because I had been in the kitchen. “Who was it, Kaylee? Did you see?”

I shook my head and said, “It doesn’t matter, Mommy. They are gone now.”

But I was sure I heard the twins together saying, “Yes, but we’ll be back.”

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