summer rain

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a few weeks after my first love married i wrote this

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



I heard you found her, like I always knew you would. 

The girl whose dreams ran with yours in a way mine never could. 


And I know your thoughts are miles away; entangled in her sheets, surrendered to sweet slumber. 

But I couldn't sleep, so here mine are, just pooling into muddy puddles. 


Sooted sighs combust in my chest

Inky thoughts drop, messy and wet. 

They drip in nonsense,

They fall like chaos. 


Kinda like we would on that mattress, that summer. 

Fell like rain over and over. 


Wake up to your heart giving rhythm to my temples. 

Now she has your heart beat and all your future dimples. 


Shut out the world with our heart beaten ears. 

No wonder love's lies were all we could hear. 


Except, on occasion, the roar of a train. 

Always slow, never steady, just like summer rain.

© Copyright 2019 Phoebe Jones. All rights reserved.

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