Lost City

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I have been in a rough place, and it seems like these are the times I write. So, here is my newest poem. Feedback would be lovely.

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018




Ticking and tocking,

Tocking and ticking,

A metronome of insanity.

Rising so high in positivity,

The expectation of falling; Deafening.


Quaking in awareness,

Unsure of the logistics.

How far will I fall?

Off a cliff?

Off the wall?


Will I ever realize,

That the uphill battles,

Cast me back down again?

Tumbling so low,

But, climbing back up again.

Like Sisyphus,

Doomed in repetition.


All that glitters is not all gold,

Sometimes copper, sometimes stone.

The depths reach up for me,

Screeching, Whining,

Mangled and winding.

Try as I may,

I am pulled kicking and screaming.


When tears no longer fall,

Numbness takes hold,

Moonlighing as a good friend,

Until gnashing teeth unhinge,

Locking around my unhappiness,

With an Iron maiden smile.


Happiness is Atlantis,

Joy; Eldorado,

Promised by shades,

Slinking in Shadow.

Unobtainable with air in lung.



True warriors never die,

They tick and tock,

Tock and tick,

marching on,

To insanity.




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