The musings of a small town poet

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A small book of poems about life and love and other things!

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018





Loneliness is a drug
Intoxicating and destructive
It damages you
tells you "you're better off alone"
Locked away in your home
I am addicted to loneliness
It has consumed me
And I need to detox to be free.


The 10 steps to surviving Depression and anxiety!

Step one hide in your room
because yes sometimes even talking to your family is hard
this helps you avoid eye contacting and talking to people
Step three wear all black
This makes you feel invisible because it gives people less of an urge to talk to you
Step four always talk quietly
this way if you do get drawn into a conversation it is guaranteed to be short
Step five never brush your hair
This way people will have no urge to be anywhere around you
Step six avoid going outside at all cost
the outside world has people and they are the enemy
Step seven stock up on everything
because you're going to be in your house/apartment a lot
Step eight I know I said to avoid going out at all costs but if you live on your own you still need to go outside
You know to go to work
Pay bills
Buy food and other essentials
Step nine trick yourself into believing you're happy this way
one day you might actually believe that it's true
Realize you're not alone
Find help
Talk to a doctor about medication because living this way is not living it is DYING
Yes the world can be scary but it can be beautiful
And you will never see the good if you spend your life hiding from the bad!


Be free

You look right at me
But can you really see
When we talk
Do you see who I want to be
Do you see the tears in my eyes
See the conflict behind my smile
Would you dig past the surface
Even if it could take quite a while
I free intimacy
I don't want people to see
That I'm broken beyond repair
To share that with someone just wouldn't be fair
Don't try to touch me you'll cut yourself
So I place my heart on a shelf
Where it can hurt no one but me
So I'm glad that you can't see
That way you can be happy and free!



My mind is jumbled and confused
I need something to keep my mind amused
I want to write instead I watch tv
Distraction after distraction is all I see
Why can't I concentrate?
There's so much to do but still, I wait
Procrastination is a curse
With every day it just gets worse



I have more words then I can understand
But I don't know how to use the knowledge in my hands
My mind can't recall what it learns
It has too many twists and turns
Passage after passage of lessons and facts
But remembrance is the knowledge that I lack
It's not that I forgot
Its all jumbled up and lost
I want to remember
But I don't know how
I wonder what I've really learned by now
What wisdom have I really gained
No words can describe my pain
Lost in an ocean of regret
For everything my mind forgets
So many words yet I can't explain
Just what's the matter with my brain!






The stars always shine so brightly
The glow with what can only be heavenly light
But yet some of them aren't even there
The died years ago much to my despair
Yet still, their light persists
There imprints determined to exist
Though what we're seeing might not be there
Nothing on earth can compare
To this proof that sometimes death
Doesn't mean there's nothing left



If one moment could last a lifetime
I would freeze a moment to be with you
And we would hang out forever 
because hey what else is there to do
Spending time with you would be great
There would be only happiness no hate
Joking around with you isn't a bad way to spend
Millions of days that would never end!


A work in progress
I named myself "A work in progress"

A file of unlimited potential 

I continue to work on myself 

I won't put myself up on a shelf 

because it's not in me to give up

 I won't stop until things look up

 And even then I'll continue to do better



Read this out loud 

As you read these words

 Let them flow over you 

Relax and take a deep breath 

Let it go Be here in this moment  

Because it won't last

Realize that time moves fast

 And nothing ever really lasts 

But that's okay 

Just keep living in the moment 

And everything will be just fine 

Let go of your past mistakes 

Know that there are countless opportunities to improve 

So take a deep breath and relax.


Better Days

The days seem brighter now

I feel sunlight from all around

Freedom certainly suits me well

I have no more sad stories to tell

Moving forward at full speed

I'm finally getting the help I need

I can finally be me

No one can tell me what to do

I can set a goal and see it through

I'm looking forward to even better days

I no longer feel lost in a maze

The college will help with my outlook on life

I'm ready to face every challenge

Even the ones I think I can't manage.



The memories of him are still there 
A part of me cherishes them 
But he was mean to me 
He didn't like me or care for me 
But I thought of him anyway 
He was everywhere 
I admired him from afar 
Because up close 
He hurled his words at me 
Like stones shot from a sling 
Yet my heart leaped at the attention 
He taught me why they called it a crush 
Because it can crush you 
And he didn't even know 
He was the rock 
On the face of a cliff 
And one day he just fell 
Without realizing that he landed on me 
I limped away 
He mocked the way I walked 
My heart is a funny thing 
It believed that was love 
I believed it was insane 
Maybe we aren't meant to listen to our hearts 
Maybe a crush is just a caution 
A warning telling us to be careful 
Because next time we might not walk away


© Copyright 2018 Jessica E McGibbon. All rights reserved.

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