Artificial Participation

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A short story containing a small snippet of one of my Original Characters backstory. It's my first time writing horror/edgy stuff.

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



In the farthest right corner from the door rest an old fashioned record player that eased its soft lullaby around the enclosed space of the testing room.Each of the four walls were painted a brilliant phthalo green, giving the room a darker and more heavy look, with trimmings accenting the perimiter with an orange color that was nearing the burnt stage. The room itself was haunting, as if some large creature chose to lather the walls with old digested foods that were consumed hours ago, giving off all the wrong vibes; even with the calming music that actually seemed to worsen things.


The floor was white and tiled in the hypnotic checkered bard style, with dim red spots littered around the old wooden examining table that one would only hope to be decoration. The table itself was cracked and worn down, stained from use and equipped with rusting wrist and ankle clamps which gave off the assumption that this table wasn't used for the right cause. Bright and blinding hospital lights worked in penetrating every shadow that could form in such a small room, blinding any eyes that weren't prepared or used to it.


Needles, saw blades, hooks, thread, liquids of unknown purposes, body parts fit tightly in their own specific jars were placed around the table, some hanging on walls while others were placed closer as if used frequently by whoever owned this little plot of land. The person was either a crazed lunatic or a brilliant scientist.


On that table was a figure, one that was somewhat small and almost delicate, one that held all the innocence of a child despite being in the body of a young adult. Her hair was long enough to kiss the tops of her hips, thick and healthy to the eye and colored black as the 3 am sky, fitting against the most pale of skin. Her limbs were perfectly proportionate to her still growing body that matched a curious face and brown doe like eyes.


She stood out like a sore thumb in such a horrendous looking room with a little red dress and a bright optomistic look. It was her first day at the doctors office which lead her to feel nothing but excitement to see how it will go, even with all the objects that hung around her. Little did this girl know, it wont be like any normal doctor check up. For as that 'Doctor' stepped through the door, as he approached that girl on the table, even as he smiled, there was one thing that made itself apparent. He was not a doctor.


He was tall and sickly with eyes sinking into his skull and lips that were far too chapped that it looked more like two bloody mounds of flesh. The hair on his head was practically non-existant, giving his scalp a fine dusting of withering grey hairs. There was a hint of a slouch in his posture and a scar upon the right cheek which left it quite distorted, his smile rotted and brown. No matter how friendly he tried to make himself look, he sent fear rushing through her body, clawing at her spine and latching on for dear life.


"Are you ready?"


Three simple croaked out words echoed and battled against the music, yet it sounded like it screamed in her ears. Her eyes rounded considerably as the strange man confronted her verbally, pulling up questions left and right as if he was fishing in an overpopulated pong of wonder and unsurity. Was she ready? Ready for what? How long would it take? Where are her friends? Her mind raced distracting her so much that she didn't realize he was laying her down. She didn't realize that the clamps were now locked around her limbs, nor was she aware of the odd head piece that he attatched to her head. She didn't feel the hollow needles gingerly poking at her scalp, ready to do their job.


"Are you ready?"


He asked again which easily pulled her out of her trance. Her brain caught up with the process of things, finding out she couldn't move, arms and legs flexing against the restraints only to then feel the discomforting spiked pressure that shifted through her hair, every time she tried to move her head. Fear once more made itself known, grinning wide in order to allow its paralyzing saliva to slather her body, jaws opening wide to consume the poor girl feet first.


Terror filled eyes focused on the man, giving him a simple whimper instead of a verbal responce, though he wasn't looking at her anymore and was instead hooking up an old recording tape machine. Tasking himself with spreaking to it in a slow and clear voice.


"Test one was successful, and it has stablized the experiment. This is test number four in attempt to see what happens when there is artificial participation instead of a natural selection."


Setting the small microphone down the man then turned back to this struggling girl, bending down to flick on a few switches, one of them containing access to what seemed to be a tub full of thick liquid with a tube connected to the headpiece in it. Once that switch was flipped, the tube that was secured inside seemed to suck up this unknown subtance, pulling it towards the headpiece that then distributed it through smaller tubes that rest attached to the dome of hollow needles.


"Please... I want to go home..."


The girl finally spoke, her voice wobbly and tremulous from the anxiety and horror that she was experiencing. She wanted to run home, or perhaps hide somewhere small so no one could get to her, sadly though what she wanted and what she was about to get were two very different things.

"Don't we all, kid."

A mouthpiece was forced past her lips, resting securely between both lines of teeth and keeping the tongue out of harm's way. Without hesitation he jammed his thumb onto a small red button.

There was a light whirring noise as the feeling of those needles receded, though it wasn’t for a good purpose. Being wound up and spring loaded there was a single ‘click’ before every single needle that covered from the front hairline all the way back to the base of the skull suddenly shot themselves past the scalp with enough force to perforate into the skull without really breaking it, pricking the brain and shooting the strange substance onto the large organ.

The woman howled in pain, the sound of it starting low before suddenly hiccuping into much higher pitches that sounded like it could threaten the sturdiness of glass. Her eyes rolled back as her hips lifted off the table, suddenly convulsing harshly against the restraints with enough force that the edges of the clamps easily tore into her wrists and ankles, creating a perfect circle wound. Blood trickled from her nose and partially from her ears as she continued to wail and cry, barely taking breaths before erupting into a continued chorus of banshee calling.


Despite such a state, such noise, the doctor went over to the recording device, pulling the microphone up close to his mouth so his voice would dominate over the primitive defense against the agonizing pain the girl was in.

“The test subject is acting similar to the Original, which is good. It hasn’t proved fatal on contact so she might actually go through with this. I will give the subject a small break before continuing and completing the task.”

Following up with his words, the male pushed that same red button again, hearing that whirring sound as the needles slowly pulled out of their respective injection entrances and prepared themselves for re-entry. During that time as the needles pulled back, the girls cries eased into petrified whimpers. She was shaking like a leaf, her heart slamming against her chest hard enough that she thought it would break free by now.

The track on the record player was skipping now, the scratching like sound of the reading needle was nearly in tune with the gentle drip drop rhythm of her blood that was painting the white tiles in brilliant crimson.

The room was blurry but she was still able to see at least, eyes once brown and innocent seemed to have changed into a bright purple - all thanks to the liquid already taking effect - they were trained disdainfully on the doctor until something seemed to catch her eye. It was quick like a play of vision, but usually once someone focused on the place, the anomaly would vanish mainly because it was just a shadow playing tricks. This time… it came back.

The corpse was laying there plain as day with its stomach sliced open. Its innards were displayed to the world as the rotting flesh was seen to be peeling away due to the infestation of maggots working away as the decomposing flaps of skin.The body’s arms and legs were broken in many places, looking like a mushed boney mess than actual limbs, but it wasn’t the corpse that truly got her attention. It was the odd red misty haze that lingered over the entirety of the body.

At first nothing happened, leaving the girl to stare at some corpse that this doctor didn’t seem to see. Though soon enough there was movement. Innards stretched and snapped as the body inflated a bit, making way for two long boney arms.

The fingers were misshapen, having an extra joint or two while being tipped with decent six inch claws. Once the arms were past the elbows, they slammed their palms down onto the ground as it lifted…. Two more arms came out, looking exactly the same, but these ones were actually connected to shoulders. Flesh tore and splattered as an upper torso and a head emerged from the corpse. The first set of arms seemed to be positioned on its shoulder blades which kept them lifted in the air as its regular set moved into a crawling position as it pulled its legs out.

It looked to be feminine, with the arms as long as the legs, all six limbs lengthy enough to crawl along the ground with comfort instead of how a normal human would. Its hair was long like the girls, and covering the face of the creature, but that didn’t seem to matter as its head turned slowly in the girls direction.

Her breathing started to pick up as she couldn’t seem to look away, sweat instantly forming along her brow as the two stared at each other. There was the sound of the doctor pressing the button, letting a couple seconds go by before that ‘click’ sounded off again. As if it was a gun on a race, as soon as that sound made itself known, the monster suddenly shot forward towards the girl at blinding speeds, hitting her right when the needles shoved themselves back into her brain, instantly vanishing as soon as the juices pumped itself against the pink fleshy organ.

The convulsing arose in activity once more, yet she tried her best to keep looking around instead of engulfing herself in darkness like before. What she noticed was that she should have let her eyes roll. The walls almost seemed to glitch, fizzling out to show a faint image behind them before easing itself back to normal, before a stronger static overcame the clean walls. The image behind them was similar to the odd gore covered spider like lady.

The walls were blood stained with barbed wire lacing across them, many broken and dirty windows lined the width of the surfaces as the floor was covered in gore and corpses, each one shrouded in that same misty red haze. Though as soon as the image appeared it was gone to revert back to how the room looked before, taking in the gross combination of orange and green and the doctor that was just staring at her.

By now she could feel the stream of tears, could taste the blood running down her throat from her nasal cavities, she could feel the skin basically being pushed off and down her wrists as she kept thrashing. Her hearing was clogged and wet as her body felt like it was on fire. As if something was breathing over her entity, grabbing hold of her soul and swallowing it.

Blood was pooling around the table from the wounds she was inflicting upon herself, she felt like she was drowning from the mucus and other various liquids blocking her nose and sliding down the back of her esophagus. The mouthpiece was making her breathing all the more difficult as her saliva was thickening but for her own benefit she could faintly make out some words.

“... done. Tu-... machine. Test succsu---.”

The needles retreated, which had her body relax all at once, allowing the pain from her wounds and head to finally sink in. The doctor yanked the mouthpiece out, which allowed the girl to cough enough to spit out her crimson laced saliva onto herself.

The clamps were released and the horrible brain machine was pulled away which she took full advantage of and sat up quickly, gasping and choking as she bent over the side of the table, slipping and falling into the pools of her life source, feeling it soak into the back of her dress. Scrambling and flailing for a grip, she moved onto her feet only to fall back down again. She could hear the laughter from the man as she acted like a newborn deer.


“Vivienne, thank you for being such a success.”


She gargled out a response that was incoherent, yet she felt hands grasp her under the armpits, dragging her out of the room. As the door closed and left her alone with her holders and the dark hallway, it wasn’t until the back door opened and she was dumped into the alley way did she realize….

She wasn’t going home. Her friends weren’t coming to get her. She was alone.  

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