negus eulogy

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Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



Negus- king term of sovereignty in eithopa Thus

Negus euglolgy

here lies the soul of one known and never found, red oak wood coffined, designed to make it feel comfortable while it be forgotten about. To the king, who be made hate, and blood, be made insult,

In America, when you are told about your race it always comes with a fine print . You know how some say, gluten free or may cause irritation, if comes in contact with eyes flush thoroughly with water, Mine? Says may come with a lack of respect racist terms, side effects may include,anger, profanity , constant earrings removal and phrases like you can catch these hands. As if the melanin in my skin must be acompanied by sterotypes and the twang in my voice must mean I'm illiterate but Just BC everybody says it don't mean its white, I mean right, I sometimes forget the manners taught to me through the 400 plus years of slavery guess my kinfolk be brought up with different lessons, Where Columbus become baptiste King George become queen Hatshepsut, spelled k.h.y.v.a.e Been told to become the queen written in your own history Be folklore Be the Gullah cut from my tongue and still finding the dialect reach my lips Be Griots forgotten until modern stories unfold Seems like our culture ain't appropriate until Its been appropriated by those who don't appreciate it , not like we do, see they dread when we lock out arms and braid our fingers together , Like we know this oppression won't last forever, like we Ain't still grieving, like the blood spilled from negus don't still stain the fabric of the American flag , like our knees aint cut and scrape , from kneeling , our back ain't bent and aching from the country standing on it Like we ain't all got battle scars, ours just whips to the back, fifty lashes now mentally inflicted, and you look down on our community, because It ain't wall street, but you forget,that we were the first to do it, Tulsa not be myth but truth, truth u tried to erase with your fires of hate, like it don't all correlate. But I guess that's all just included in the package Like its a crime to be outrage when faced with slurs, like our mouths should stay shut, like our black men's connect from the corners to coroner is to be expected It shouldn't, and it ain't Thats just another way for y'all to try to put us down, Like way back when you found out black don't crack so you whipped out backs, Tried to get our escense and strength to pour from our souls in the form of blood on soil but know this negus will rise again, and no not the way u intend but the way it was meant, a proud crown of black power, and when that day comes, this will not longer be a eulogy but the start of a revolrevolution.

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