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I wrote this for a friend after fruitless attempts of encouraging her to simply "open up". Why is it that we shy away from presenting ourselves in our most vulnerable forms? Yes, rejection and pain are realities...but isn't it worth risking our comfortability for the chance of experiencing the true release of vulnerability?

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



It was a stubborn yellow rose

With full intent of staying closed

That a lark swooped past one early summer’s day.

But, as he flew his usual flight

The lark took note of the strange sight

And so conceded to a moment of delay.


After puzzling for a while,

His face an enigmatic smile,

The lark addressed the blossom in such way:


“Dear rose, you must agree

You are a sight for one to see -

Still wrapped tightly in your petals made of gold!

Have you problems with your leaves?

Or are you cumbered by some griefs?

Why do you not your petals yet unfold?”


The yellow bud, so tall and grim

With thorns encompassing its stem,

Replied with utterance of woe untold:


“Oh, my dear lark, what you ask

Is certainly no easy task;

O! The half of what it takes you do not know!

For to let my radiant hue

Into the world’s indicting view,

I must learn to deal alike with friend and foe.”


“But, dear rose, you aren’t admired

For remaining tightly spired -

Opening your petals draws the show!”


“But opening up to passers-by

Ensures I’ll shrivel up and die,

And then all the world will look on me with scorn;

For once my blooms have bloomed away,

Before the night engulfs the day,

The twilight leaves sight only of the thorn!”


So, with such sentiment expressed

The lark was highly unimpressed

And left the budding rose-to-be forlorn;

"Oh, there are those who will not see,"

(Mourns the lark to you and me)

"That their colors are to joyfully be worn!"

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