The ten years grudge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

a fictional story about a young woman who tries to solve the mystery of a crime that happened next doors. *i must clarify this point* the stroy you are about to read may contain some grammar
mistakes and mispalced words and this is unfortunately due to the lack of my lexcial english package since english language is not my native language, however i did my best. thank you for

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



It was 8am, when the loud knocking on my door woke me up. I got up and opened the door but it was not mine, it was my neighbor’s door Lizza! My neighbor and my best friend for years; whom has been looking for her kid Ben, he is a newborn child; who was kidnapped last month.  I heard her screaming. Her door was wide open, my heart started beating so fast and with my pajama, my messy hair and unwashed face I walked straight to her door to find Lizza with her husband Michael on the floor hugging each other and crying... I couldn’t feel my legs, I couldn’t  move because I knew and assumed; when I saw a policeman standing in the living room with his head down, that my biggest fear and the nightmares I had been seeing for a month came true.

 The police found Ben but he was not alive, the 5-month’s baby was found by a river in a plastic bag with his legs and arms cut. The poor little baby who saw nothing from the world yet was found thrown like an old doll in the woods. Ben was killed with a cold heart. I was still standing there shocked while watching them crying so loud and I could feel the pain in Lizza’s eyes and her dying voice while she says “ my baby give me my baby “ and her husband who keeps weeping off his tears. I could not say a thing or even move I just stood there with my head down crying.

The policeman excused us to leave and I helped Michael to take Lizza to her bed, I sat next to her, she wasn’t conscious she kept saying “my baby” and I couldn’t say a word I just held her hand so tight and cried with her. Few hours later, people heard the news and started coming to the house .Celine; Liza’s elder sister was taking care of the funeral leading people in and out and I was checking on Liza sometimes and Michael some other time... That day was the worst day in my life.

I could not sleep that night, I kept thinking about who would do such a terrible thing to an innocent baby, and I knew Lizza and Michael they are the sweetest, they have no enemies.  Even the police for a whole month they could not find the suspect who was an old woman caught in camera holding a baby who seemed like Ben, The old woman was caught only in one camera and her face was not clear enough. The police said she may be one of those obsess women; who kidnap kids and raise them to work for them, and that gave us hope that Ben may be alive somewhere. Now what could possibly be the reason behind this crime?

Next morning I dressed up in black and went early to check on Lizza, before I knock the door Michael opened it. He looked so pale and I saw an incredible anger in his eyes he didn’t even say hi back to me, he just went downstairs in a rush; I walked in and asked Celine

“Where’s Michael going in this early morning?”

“I have no idea I just woke up but he probably didn’t sleep at all,” said Celine

I was worried about Michael, he did not seem normal. I checked up on Lizza she was in her room looking at her baby’s picture with her red eyes. I hugged her and kissed her forehead... still speechless. I went back to the living room looked around the house and I never thought that Lizza’s house would be that sad. So I cleaned the house opened the windows for light and fresh air and set there in the couch still thinking about who would kill little Ben. Celine came in, sat next to me, and interrupted my thoughts.

I said, “what the detectives said, any news?”

“They didn’t find anything interesting about the case, it’s getting weirder,” she answered

“She must be some coldhearted psycho, what a pathetic world “

“I know right!”

  The rest of the day was passing so slow some people came to extend their warm sympathies; others were sending food, Celine and I were trying so hard to make Lizza eat but we could not. Michael was not around most of the day. At night, I always leave Lizza with Celine and go straight to my apartment, shower and lay in my bed over thinking about what happened. That night, I was so tired that I could not sleep. I kept watching the sky from my window; which is five inches close to Lizza’s balcony, where I can hear and see clearly everything from my room. I missed listening to Lizza and Michael fighting, laughing and singing sometimes. They were the happiest couple.

 I was about to sleep when I overheard a whisper from the window. It was an angry woman’s voice saying:  “don’t you even think about it”.  I stood up by the window, it was so dark but I recognized the woman it was Celine talking through the phone and she kept repeating:  “don’t you even think about coming back, I don’t have more money to send just give me some time and stay away”.  And that was an interesting conversation that kept me awake all night again. I wondered why would a simple citizen like Celine have a strange conversation at this late hour.

Next morning, I was in Lizza’s house sitting on the coffee table chatting with Celine, when I saw Michael heading out of the house in a rush I called him out to drink coffee with us but he refused, I followed him outside and called him saying:

“Michael wait I want to talk to you. “

“Yes Emma! About what, can we talk later?”

“Why later? Where are you going? You aren’t working these days then why are you leaving your wife alone all day, she needs you Michael”

“I can’t I have things to do, just stay by her side”

“I will but tell me Michael what’s going on what are you thinking about?”

“I am thinking about my son Emma, and whoever was the criminal I will find him and I will kill him”

I saw in Michael’s eyes one thing and it was revenge, he was blinded by pain, anger and hate, I was so worried about him and I do not know why but last night Celine’s phone call popped into my head at that moment.  I went back home and started wondering if I should tell Lizza about Michael or not, I did not want to worry her so I decided not to say a thing. Later that day I decided to do something different.

“Today I want to cook for us.” I said to Celine

“Okay what are you going to cook?”

“I am not so sure, but since cooking is Lizza’s favorite thing in the world, she can’t stand to see anyone messing with her kitchen of course. So I will make sure to ruin the kitchen and make her get out of her room and cheer up a bit”

Celine nodded, she did not seem that excited about the idea but I did not care. I am doing what I am doing for my best friend.

 I started with the chicken, oh and it was the worst idea. I made so much noise, Lizza came to check on but she eventually took the lead. I was so happy that Lizza was cooking with so much love like she used to.

Later that night I heard footsteps outside my apartment, it was Michael. I opened my door and asked him to join me for tea, and he hardly accepted my invitation. We sat together he was drinking tea with his head down, pale face and creepy eyes.

“Michael what you said earlier today, you didn’t mean it did you?” I asked

“I meant every word Emma!” he answered

“Michael no. what’s happening to you? The police are looking for that woman and eventually they will find her and she will get her punishment”

“I can’t just wait, I will look for her too and I think there is someone else behind her, someone with a strong purpose”

And I swear for no specific reason, Celine’s late conversation popped into my head.

 “It can’t be,” I said out loud

“What is it?”  Michael asked

“N...Nothing” I said with a nervous voice

“Emma, do you know something I don’t know?”

I was scared to mention Celine’s name, I was scared that Michael would suspect in Lizza’s sister because I was not sure if she could be a suspect or not. This does not make any sense. I am so stupid!

“Emma please” Michael said again

“Michael listen, I overheard something last night. But I have no idea what does it mean “

“Overheard what? Tell me “

“Celine, she on the phone with someone and kept warning that person not to show up and she also mentioned that she will send him more money soon”

“What do you mean by that? “

“I don’t know Michael, I don’t mean a thing I just thought you should know about it “

“Celine used to love Ben, she loved him so much. He was like a son to her Emma “

“I know Michael, I am sorry to confuse you. I don’t know why I said it”

“Never mind”

I regretted saying that to Michael, I regretted it so bad.

  8am my alarm ringed, but I was awake anyway over thinking as usual. I did not feel like going to my office that day, I felt lazy and depressed.  Someone was at the door. I opened up it was Celine.

“Good morning Emma, I hope I didn’t wake you up “

“Good morning, oh no I was awake already”

“Good, Emma I am sorry to annoy you but something came out and I have to go for couple hours, can you stay with Lizza this morning please?”

“Yeah sure, I wasn’t going to work anyway”

“Thank you, have a good day”

“You too” Celine had always been that kind of woman, so serious and cold, you cannot know if she is sad, happy or mad. She is just a strange woman.

I closed the door and went to my balcony to drink my coffee, when I saw Celine walking out of the building to the bus stop, and surprisingly I saw Michael walking behind her. He was following her. I was shocked and felt so bad for the suspense I made in him. I tried to call him but he did not pick up.

Lizza was better today, her face was brighter, and her eyes were not red like usual. She came out of her room by herself sat next to me to drink coffee.

“Where’s Michael?” Lizza asked me

“I don’t know, I didn’t see him” I had to lie

“And where’s Celine?”

“She had something to do, and told me she will be back by the afternoon. Do you want to eat something with your coffee?”

“No thanks”

  I was looking at my watch the whole time, waiting for Celine or Michael to show up. Eventually Celine came in first, she looked normal to me. And I kept calling Michael but he still wasn’t picking up. At 6pm, I went down the building, sat in the stairs and waited for Michael. Minutes later, he came in and he was surprised to see me.

I said, “We need to talk”

“That’s what I wanted too “

We went together to a close cafeteria, sat in front each other. I ordered a black coffee and he ordered green tea. I started talking “I saw you today, you were following Celine!”

“Yes, I followed her the whole day” he said


“After what you said last night, I couldn’t sleep. So I sneaked to Celine’s room and took her phone I saw couple of messages saying

 _ I Need your help, the police are looking for me! _

“What did you find out today?”

“I am afraid that you were right Emma”

  He looked at me with teary eyes, and I knew what he meant so I closed my eyes with my head down for a minute until he said

“She went to the bank, and transferred a fine amount of money to someone’s account “

“Who’s that someone?” I asked

“I don’t know, I kept asking about it but the banker said they can’t reveal this kind of information”

“We can tell the police then, to investigate about it. They will easily know the person,” I suggested

“We can’t do that we don’t have enough evidence”

“Wait, we can get the number of the person she was speaking to from her phone!”

“But how?” he wondered

“Leave it to me,” I said with a smile

  Next day, I kept watching her phone and waiting for the perfect opportunity. At lunchtime, I asked Celine to take Lizza’s lunch to her bed. And so she did. I ran to the kitchen opened the phone, I looked for that night’s call and messages, I found an unnamed number so I copied it to my phone and hurried to my apartment. I called Michael to come over, and I kept watching that number and had hundreds of thoughts about Celine, Ben, Lizza and Michael. I asked myself so many questions, why and how? However, I could not find an answer. Michael came and I gave him the number, we decided to send a message. Michael wrote _I need to see you tonight 10am at the public park, its urgent_

“What are you going to do now?” I asked

“Thank you Emma, but that’s it. I want you out of this,” Michael answered

“What? What do you mean?” I said

“Whoever was that person, I am going to meet him and he will answer all my questions”

“Let me help you then, you can’t go alone”

“No Emma, I don’t know what kind of situation I am letting myself in and whether I was wrong or right I want to deal with it on my own” he insisted

  Michael did not let me say anything else. He just left. I didn’t know what to do; should I tell the police? or tell Lizza about the whole thing? What if the person was dangerous? What if something bad happened to him? What if Celine is innocent and we are all wrong? What if I was right about her and Michael loses his mind and kill her? Oh my god what did I do. What should I do?

God help me.

  10:00pm and Michael was hiding in the park, it was so dark and cold that night, There were few people most of them teenagers or drunk old men. Michael received a message and he just walked towards the lake.

I followed him. It was even darker there; I can see a shadow of a person now. It is a woman! She is short and wearing a hat. I cannot see her face clearly. Michael approaches and so did I. It is her. the same woman from the camera footage. It is the kidnapper. Michael stood there in a shock; she stared at him and turned around. She was running away but Michael did not move. He was just standing there staring at her. The old woman was obviously scared. Luckily, I did not listen to Michael. I called the police earlier and told them everything about the phone call and the messages. The police officers were all around the park and they caught her the second she turned around. The kidnapper got arrested and now the moment of truth.

 Michael and I went to the police station. We found Lizza there.

“What are you doing here Lizza?” asked Michael

“Emma told me everything. And Celine is arrested now” she answered


  Michael hugged his wife, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. The three of us were sitting there waiting for the detective to come out and tell us what happened.

  Celine did not say anything useful; she kept saying that she is innocent. The old lady also refused all the charges against her but after the pressure and the insistence from the detective, the lady admitted her crime that she was paid from Celine, to kidnap the baby and kill him later . As I expected, my doubts were in its right place and Celine was behind everything. But the question is why! Lizza and Michael asked to see Celine and talk to her in private. I was watching by the door while they were talking.

Lizza was crying and she kept asking “why? Why you killed my son?”

Celine did not seem sorry or guilty; she simply smiled at her sister and said, “Do you feel me now? You know what’s like to lose your child right?”

I did not understand what she meant by what she said, but Lizza seemed like she knew something, she froze for a second as if she traveled back in time and saw something terrible.

It is an old story that no one ever mentioned to me before. Ten years ago before I knew Lizza. Celine was married and had been longing for a child, she did not leave a single doctor or a single way she did not try to get pregnant. And luckily she got pregnant after a while with baby boy. But unfortunately her husband died in a car accident and left his pregnant wife alone, so her baby was the only memory of her loving husband. One day she left her little baby with Lizza to babysit him, since Celine used to work day and night to take care of her son. However, Lizza was a teen and she did not pay much attention to the little boy and fell asleep. Accidentally, while the baby was playing, he fell from the stairs and bleed to death. Even though it was an accident, Celine lost her mind and blamed Lizza for her baby’s death. Apparently, she kept the grudge toward her and now after ten years she took her revenge.


That was the end of the case and the real reason behind Ben’s murder. Celine was in jail for a very long time. Lizza and Michael left the city and moved to a beautiful house by the beach to start over away from the anger and all these sad memories. Actually, the sad memories were left to me to remember, or I can say a lesson to learn from, to never hold grudge for so long. Therefore, it was just my small apartment and I, living happily ever after...


© Copyright 2020 ZNeda Bekkouche. All rights reserved.

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