Horror Vacui

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A quick sci-fi story

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



He had run out of options. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly trying to slow his racing heart. He did this three times and felt it was the best he was going to be able to do under these circumstance. He reached out and took hold of the door frame with both hands. He finally opened his eyes and looked into the infinite void. There was nothing to focus on. It was darkness and emptiness. There was nothing. He felt all hope fade as he slowly explored looking for the target but seeing the sameness everywhere. He could hear the sound of his own breathing but that only made him feel more empty. He had nothing left but his own breath and the beating of his heart.


Could he float there forever tethered to the doors by his hand. Should he float there forever. What could he do, there was no retreat. All was lost behind him. Lost in fire and crumpled metal. There was no one left, no air, no anything. Just then he saw a small twinkle of light. It was very faint and it was very far. He tried to find it and focus on it. He tried with his eyes and his hope. Did he imagine it? Was it flotsam that resided in his own eyes or had he seen what he wanted to see. What he needed to see. Yes. There it was again. A glimmer of light. A lighter shadow on an infinitely dark abyss. That had to be it. Right?


He had waited too long already, he had to move. That speck in the distance was life. It was salvation. He gripped harder, feeling the hard metal push back upon his gloved hand. Feeling the tightness, the pain in his fingers. That grip was all he had, all there was. He extended his arms as far as they would go. He prepared to slingshot himself through the nothing. He had to be precise. He had to account for everything before the jump. He could not maneuver once he had launched. If he did not put himself on a proper course from the beginning he would be lost. Lost in the nothing. Would it be so bad, was he not already dead? He swallowed the thought and pulled on the frame as hard as he could. He accelerated into the vacuum. He had left the only home he had ever known. He had left everything he had ever known.


He felt like a bullet fired from a gun. He felt the acceleration through his entire body. It felt so good. He felt so free. He felt so afraid. He need not fear, for he still had his breath and his heart and his sight. He took a deep breath. How many did he have left? Did he have enough to reach salvation? How many heartbeats did each breath give him? How long would it all last? He barked a laugh and realized the dead had no need for breaths of heartbeats. He was alive as long as he had those. He was alive. He looked out into the void and it gave him nothing in return. He had eyes he was sure. But they did not pierce the abyss. He had to focus on his destination. He could not locate it and began to hyperventilate. He flung his head around in every direction trying to find it again. It took a moment to find but there it was once more. It was in the center of his vision, straight ahead. It was always ahead. Right?


He drifted on. And on. Had it been minutes or hours? Had it been days? He no longer felt any movement. He felt nothing. He knew he was still moving forward at the same velocity but he had no point of reference to tell if he was moving. His destination was still too far. Too small. Too far. All around he saw the nothingness. He touched the nothingness through his gloved hands. He could feel the nothingness press down on him. What foolishness. What could the void do to him? How could it touch him? But he felt pressure from the outside. The pressure of the nothing. It surrounded him. It engulfed him. It held him in its vacuous grip. He felt entombed by the emptiness around him. He felt the nothingness closing in around him.


He was the master. The master of it all. He was all. The void was nothing. It was nothing. He was nothing. He still had his hearing, it could not take what was his. He heard. He heard his breath. He heard it get faster. He heard his heartbeat get faster. He saw fear. He could not see the void. He could see the nothing. He looked again to find his salvation, to comfort him in his time of need. He looked straight ahead. Nothing.


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