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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



If I promise you tomorrow,

Will you promise me today?

If I promise you my heart,

Will you promise me you'll stay?


If I unmask my secrets,

Will you forgive my past?

If I let you in,

Will this last?


If I can create myself,

To your every desire?

Can you spare me some time,

And not throw me in the fire?


If you find out I'm scared,

Will you hold me tight?

If I wanted you to,

Would you stay for the night?


If I gave you a key,

What would you want it to unlock?

If I opened my door,

Would you still knock?


If I kissed you all over,

Would you smile?

If we laid under the stars,

Would you stay awhile?


If I show you this poem,

Will you think it's sweet?

If you love me dear,

Then take a seat?


If you answer all my questions,

I'll answer your's too.

I'll trust you again,

If you promise to stay true

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