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slice of life

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



“How quick.” 


She sighed, 

attached to a drag.


“How quick it slips.

Like sand through your hands, 

or a tan stolen 

from land of said sand.

Burn it all.

Start over.”


Lights another. 

Coughs over her shoulder.


“Make way for new grooves.

Swallow goodbyes.

Sing a song.

To get along.”


Cocks her eye .

A sly grin leaking out the side.


“Hope it’s the tune to a better me. 

Better yet, 

a better you.”


Her left index points up

punching innocent air.

The gesture’s committed 

but the shakes are still there.


“Blue melts from the sky,”


She pauses, 

ashes to the right.

Looks me in eye.


“Oozes into our lives.

Always switching sides.”


Pale eyes inhale,

while nostrils narrow 

the new night’s wares.


“Adjusting her hues. 

Master of disguise. 

Queen of lingering loose ties. 

Never satisfied 

with just a tear or two

Rivers and lost livers 

til you can’t add 2+2.

Only the minutes left 

til the clock strikes two.

The bar empties out. 

‘You’re overdue’

she whispers from a pew 

you thought you left in the past”


The moment passed. 

I’m staring into mirrored glass.






My mantra mask.

To remember

I’m breaking

—no wait!

I mean—


Who am I kidding?

I can’t go a day 

without finding new shit 

to fill this hole 

where I think a soul’s supposed to go.

Truth be told.

© Copyright 2019 Phoebe Jones. All rights reserved.

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