Move On

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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



There you go with your instigation
Never thought I deserved the recognition
You threw me down and I’d always stand and take you back
For the love I shared with you, you only lack

But baby today I’ll finally move ahead
I’ve dropped all the words, forgot about you lying in my bed
Maybe I still miss you, but time heals us all
I’ll find someone better to catch me when I fall

I’m not a little girl I don’t need your protection
Your stupid little lies eat me away like an infection
And you’re not worth my tears
For all you can do is forget these years

Did I do something wrong?
Did I love you for too long?
I’m sorry you can’t take the blame
You’ve always been one to need the fame

And when you finally see
That I’m what you want me to be
I’ll find someone so much better
Who can at least write me a letter

Today I’ll find a way to move on from you
That girl you want will become something new
Because no one just wants sex, they’ll eventually want more
So don’t come crying back when there’s no one to adore

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