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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



I want to swim in the sky.

I want to dip my fingers in it

And let them trail through it - 

Creating tiny ripples and waves


I want to plunge both my hands into it

And drink starlight from my palms -

Then watch its pure light

Pour from my body - 

From my fingertips

From my eyes

From my skin

From my hair

From my mouth


I want it to flow past my teeth

And over my tongue

And to dribble down my chin

Like melting ice cream

On an August afternoon


I want stardust to coat my lips - 

To coat my eyelids - 

To sparkle on my tongue

I want it to fill our lungs


I want to sing

And my shining breath

To give light and life to the melody -

Like a candle in a winter window - 

Like daisies on an April lawn -

Like summer


I want to meet the boy with the moon -

And to see in his dark eyes

All the gentleness and wisdom 

Of its light

I want to dive into his eyes -

Into the sky


I want him to taste the starlight on my lips -

To smell it on my skin -

To feel it in my breath -

To hear it in my voice -

And to see it in my eyes


I want him to see the starlight

Shining in my eyes - 

Like sun on a green lake - 

Like a porch light through the trees

From the end of the drive -

Like his moon in Autumn


And with his hands,

Which glow with the moon,

I want him to catch

The tiny droplets of starlight

That escape from my eyes -

And leave sparkling trails

Down my cheeks -

And fall from my chin -

Before they are lost in the sky

© Copyright 2019 Bronagh Brennan. All rights reserved.

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