A Letter From Anxiety

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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



Would you still love me
If my skin was dry and cracked
If my colors faded
If my hair fell out in clumps?
If the light left my eyes,
Would you still have a reason
To smile at me?

If I was turned entirely to glass
So thin that I couldn't be touched
Or I would break,
Would you still stay
And sit with me?
Keep me company?
Not let me be alone?

What if I was a wind
Sometimes surging
With fiery passion,
Sometimes gently breathing
Strands of hair across faces,
Sometimes still and silent,
As a sleeping suspiring sigh

What if I burst into flames
Like a slowly sinking ship
Filled with ineffable emotion
Would you stick around
Until the conclusion
Until my fire died away
And left me as a tiny pile of embers
Barely alight, nearly gone
Would you still stay?

What if you reached out to me
And I burned your hand?
Would you then raise your heel
To stamp me out?
Or would you scoop me up carefully
And cradle me in your palms
And gently blow,
Patiently breathing me back to life?

If my edges were sharp,
Would you take me
Into your arms with care
And hold me lovingly
And understand my pain
As my edges melted away?
Would you still stay?


© Copyright 2019 Bronagh Brennan. All rights reserved.

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