Spiderman Kiss

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Spiderman ...

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



Spiderman Kiss


High ...
Mary Jane ...


Swinging from building
To building
With a love like Venom
Rushing through my system ...


In an effort to not cause Carnage
I attempt to play it cool ..
Calm, and collected
Cold-blooded like the Lizard ...
I don't mean to be
Mysterious like Mysterio but
Don't believe all that you've heard 


You see, I know too many
Who just want to feed off me
Tear into me 
Eat me like the Vulture
It must be a part 
Of our culture ...
But be real with me
Don't hide from me
Don't change like
The Chameleon ...


Sinking in confusion ...
Like sand created by
The Sandman ...
Can I withstand 
The greatest villain 
I'll ever find ...
My mind.


I swing confidently 
Confronting the risk
Because you're worth it
And I won't stop until 
We're face to face
I'm upside down
Rains pouring down
Not a souls around 
As we kiss ...


You're definitely worth it ...


- K.S. Fort

© Copyright 2018 K.S. Fort. All rights reserved.

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